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    Building & Zoning Compliance Letters

    Compliance letters are a service provided by the Zoning section of the Infrastructure Services Department to provide comment in writing on the building and zoning status of a property. They are sometimes referred to as zoning certificates or work orders.

    Information will be provided with respect to property matters under the jurisdiction of theTransportation and Public Works Department, such as:

    • Zoning of the property and the uses permitted within that zone
    • Minor variances granted.
    • The status of building permits.
    • Occupancy status.
    • Details of any open work orders.

    If a survey is provided, or on file, comments will be provided regarding the survey's compliance with the requirements of the Zoning By-law.

    To request a compliance letter:

    • A written request and the current fees must be submitted. Requests are processed on a first come, first processed basis.
    • It is recommended, to allow sufficient time for processing, that requests are submitted a minimum of ten (10) working days (more for some commercial and industrial properties) prior to the date needed.
    • A copy of the completed letter will be faxed out and the original will be mailed.

    See Infrastructure Services User Fees for all applicable fees.  




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