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    Youth Taxi Scrip Program

    What is the Youth Taxi Scrip Program?

    The Youth Taxi Scrip program is a service intended for youth residing in Halton Hills, currently between 13 to 19 years of age. The Youth Taxi Scrip Program is available for registered youth only.

    The Youth Taxi Scrip Program allows riders to call participating taxi companies directly for travel within Halton Hills. All active members receive 40% discount on the regular taxi fares (with participating taxi companies) through the Youth Taxi Scrip Program. 

    Youth Taxi Scrip coupon book

    • Has a total face value of $20.
    • Is sold to registered passengers for $12.
    • The book contains 20 - $1 coupons.

    Where can I purchase tickets?

    Gellert Community Centre
    10241 Eighth Line, Georgetown

    Georgetown Marketplace - Fred’s Lotto
    280 Guelph Street, Georgetown (ticket kiosk)

    Halton Hills Public Library
    17 River Street, Acton branch
    9 Church Street, Georgetown branch
    Visit  for hours of operation

    47 Mill Street East, Acton

    Robert C Austin Operations Centre
    11620 Trafalgar Road, Halton Hills

    Town of Halton Hills Civic Centre (Corporate Services)
    1 Halton Hills Drive, Halton Hills

    Participating taxi companies

    Registered users can call the following taxi companies directly to book a ride, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

    • McKab Taxi: 905-877-1234
    • EZ Taxi: 905-873-9900
    • G-Town Taxi: 905-873-2222


    How do I use the Youth Taxi Scrip program?

    • Provide taxi driver your registration card so she/he can record your registration number. You must do this each time you use the Youth Taxi Scrip Program.
    • Use the Youth Taxi Scrip coupons to pay the fare on the meter.
    • Taxi drivers are not permitted to accept Youth Taxi Scrip coupons as tip money.
    • If the meter fare is not an even dollar amount:
      You must pay the total cents if it is over 60¢.
      You pay 0¢ if it is under 60¢.  
      • Example 1
        Fare is $15.72 (Cents amount is over 60¢).
        You pay 15 Taxi coupons, and 72¢.
      • Example 2
        Fare is $15.27 (Cents amount is under 60¢).
        You pay 15 Taxi coupons only.


    Additional information

    • Taxi Scrip is for personal use of registered youth
    • Coupons cannot be sold or resold to another user or any other person.
    • Abuse of this policy will result in dismissal from the Youth Taxi Scrip Program

    It is important to note that the continuation of the Youth Taxi Scrip Pilot Program will be subject to evaluation and approval by Council. If, at the end of the evaluation, it is determined that the program will not be continued, a full refund for any unused coupon books can be made at the Robert C. Austin Operations Centre located at 11620 Trafalgar Road, Georgetown Ontario L7G 4S4.

    For further information please call The Town of Halton Hills ActiVan Services at 905-702-6435



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