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    Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plans

    The Town of Halton Hills has three (3) plans available:

    • Monthly Plan – 10 months (January to October) - account must be up to date.
    • Due Date Plan – withdrawn automatically on each due date during the year
      (February, April, June and September) - account must be up to date.
    • Taxpayer Defined Plan – 12 months (January to December) this plan is for property owners that are in arrears and wish to work towards paying down their balance.  Payment amounts are determined by the property owner.  Penalty will be applied to any past due amounts.    
      Payments are withdrawn on the 3rd last business day of each month.

    Notification will be sent twice a year (January and June) indicating the date of each withdrawal and the amount.  The June notification is your official receipt.  Please retain for income tax purposes.

    Important Dates

    Please note there are two Pre-Authorized Payment Plan start cycles – January and June.
    The deadlines for PAP application submissions for these start cycles are as follows:

    January Start Cycle – December 1st
    June Start Cycle – May 1st

    You May Enrol

    • Property owners may apply for the Monthly or Due Date Plan if your property
      tax account is up-to-date.
    • If you do not pay your taxes with your mortgage
    • If your property is fully assessed

    How to Apply

    The form is also available at the Corporate Services Dept. located in the Halton Hills Civic Centre.
    Please attach a “VOID” cheque and submit the application and void cheque to the
    attention of the Corporate Services Dept.  Please submit one Pre-Authorized application form per property.

    Terms and Conditions - 30 Days Notice is required for any cancellation and/or change


    If a preferred program option is not selected, you will be enrolled in the Monthly Plan.  Should circumstances prevent us from processing withdrawals in the month requested, your account will be enrolled in the next available month.  Enrollment in the pre-authorized payment plan is automatically renewed each year.

    Additional Charges:

    Supplementary/Omitted billings added to the tax account for New Construction or Improvements will not form part of a property tax plan and must be paid separately.

    Returned Payments/Penalties:

    An administrative fee will be applied to your account for payments not cleared by your financial institution.  The Treasurer may remove a property from the property tax payment plan if two (2) instalments fail to be honoured during the same taxation year.  Any unpaid balance of taxes shall be subject to penalties if overdue.

    Sale Of Property - Moving?

    If you are moving within the Town of Halton Hills the plan is NOT TRANSFERABLE.  You must cancel your present plan in writing and complete a new application form and provide a new VOID cheque.


    It is the property owner’s responsibility to cancel their pre-authorized payment plan.  Cancellation must be in writing indicating termination date. 

    Bank Account Changes:

    Our office requires written notification and a new VOID cheque if you are changing your bank account. 
    Pre-authorized Payment Plan Cancellation/Banking Change Form

    Questions regarding the above plans may be directed to the Corporate Services, at 905-873-2601 ext. 2242 or ext. 2244 or by email



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