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    Overview of Assessment & Taxation

    There are three different types of tax bills:

    1. Interim
    2. Final
    3. Supplementary / Omitted
    4. Halton Region Property Tax Estimator

    Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for property value assessment through a uniform, province-wide system. The Town of Halton Hills does not play a role in your property assessment.

    Questions or comments about your property
    assessment, including requests for appeal, should be directed
    to 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) or MPAC Enquiry

    Visit for more information.



    Interim Tax Bills

    The interim tax bills are mailed in early February. The interim tax bills have two due dates - the third last business day of February and April. The tax rates used on the interim bills are based on either:

    • 'notional' tax rates if it is a 'reassessment' year or
    • 50% of the previous year's tax rates if it is a 'non-reassessment' year

    The interim bills:

    • lessen any impacts as a result of large increases in the assessed value of a property due to reassessment
    • make it easier for property tax payers to spread out the impact of paying taxes over a longer period of time
    • provide a more consistent cash flow of revenues for the Town, Region, and school boards to minimize the need to borrow money and incur interest costs


    Final Tax Bills

    The final tax rates are approved by Council in the spring of each year (April / May). The final tax bills are printed and mailed to each property owner. It also has two due dates - the third last business day of June and September. These bills are based on the assessment values for each property provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and the tax rates set by the local area municipality (Town of Halton Hills),  the upper tier municipality (Regional Municipality of Halton), and by the Province for school support.


    Supplementary / Omitted Tax Bills

    During the course of each year MPAC may be made aware of changes in properties that impact the assessed value. This is generally due to either the construction and/or demolition of buildings on the property or a change in use of the property (other factors may also have an impact on the assessed value of property). MPAC forwards a data file identifying these changes to each municipality a few times each year. The municipalities then issue 'supplementary / omitted tax bills'. These tax bills are issued after the final tax bills have been sent and are based on the final tax rates.

    Property owners are cautioned that the full assessment of a property may not be determined by MPAC until well after the physical changes to the property have been completed (e.g. a house has been built on a property and it has become occupied). In this case back taxes for one or more years may be levied on the property (up to this point the property owner might only have been paying taxes on the land assessment of the property).


    Halton Region Property Tax Estimator

    This Link contains ESTIMATES ONLY.
    Final tax figures will be mailed out by Halton Hills and may vary from the values presented here.
    Click here to View the Property Tax Estimator


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