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    Office of Sustainability

    Sustainable Living

    What Is Sustainability

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    At the Town of Halton Hills we view sustainability through four "pillars": cultural vibrancy, economic prosperity, environmental health, and social well-bring. The pillars are equally important and inter-connected.

    The definition most commonly used when defining sustainability is: "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." as stated by the Brundtland Commission in 1987.

    • Cultural vibrancy focusing on heritage or cultural preservation initiatives.
    • Environmental health includes efficient water management, elimination of water pollution, energy-efficient building and community design, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and protecting biodiversity.
    • Economic prosperity aims towards economic development by attracting new investment, supporting tourism, and improving the tax base.
    • Social well-being is characterized by housing affordability, labour force growth, community health and crime reduction.

    Looking at corporate and community initiatives through the four pillars of sustainability will result in more fulsome evaluations and further advance the Town along the journey of sustainability.


    Town Hall

    Follow the Town's journey below on the Town's long-standing commitment to sustainability making this community and even greater place to live, work, play, and retire. In just a short time, the Town has made significant progress towards sustainability. Much more work is still to be done.


    Corporate Sustainability Audit and Action Plan

    The Corporate Sustainability Audit and Action Plan is a five year vision, running from 2016-2021.The Plan focuses on practical actions that will enhance Town functions and service delivery. The Plan’s outcomes will enable the Town to continue to lead the way in creating a sustainable community.


    Mayor’s Community Energy Plan

    The Mayor’s Community Energy Plan is the result of engagement with key community stakeholders as well as the project’s Steering and Technical Committees, and Town Council and staff. The Plan’s implementation will enhance quality of life in Halton Hills through improved energy efficiency, cost savings, greenhouse gas reductions, renewable energy generation and raise community awareness for climate change and the important of energy efficiency.


    Community Sustainability Strategy

    The Community Sustainability Strategy was implemented to fulfill our community vision a future where we are economically prosperous, environmentally healthy, socially equal, and culturally vibrant. Our Strategy establishes a long-term vision and acts as a blueprint until the year 2060.


    Green Plan

    The Town’s Green Plan was implemented in 2007, providing a basis to guide the Town and the community on developing and implementing "green" strategies and actions for the future.


    Climate Change Adaptation Plan

    Built with ICELI Canada’s BARC framework in mind, the Town’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan focuses on identifying our community’s risks to climate change and developing actions to take to manage, minimize, or eliminate those risks.




    Green Development Standards

    Building on its award-winning Green Development Evaluation Checklist, in April 2014, Town Council approved a new set of Green Development Standards. The Standards will help advance many key Town objectives, including those of its Strategic Plan and Community Sustainability Strategy – contributing to economic prosperity, environmental health, cultural vibrancy and social well-being.


    Office of Sustainability

    The Office of Sustainability was established and the Town’s pursuit for a more sustainable community finally had a home.


    Strategic Action Plan

    The Town’s Strategic Plan is a Town vision for 2007 until 2013. The Plan contains a Community Vision, Corporate Mission and a set of Strategic Directions and Goals, accompanied by Strategic Objectives and Actions. These guides that have served to direct the Town’s many initiatives.


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    With its deep commitment to sustainability, Halton Hills has been recognized with many awards and taken leadership action for its practical and innovative initiatives that aim to create a future characterized by cultural vibrancy, economic prosperity, environmental health and social well-being. Examples of these awards and leadership actions are listed below.

    Plans & Strategies include:

    • Green Plan
    • Community Sustainability Strategy
    • Green Development Standards
    • Mayor’s Community Energy Plan
    • Climate Change Adaptation Plan

    Click Here to visit the Plans and Stategies Page

    In Our Community includes:

    • Battery Collection Program
    • Rain Barrel Truckload Sales
    • Smart Commute
    • Feed-in-Tariff/Green Energy Requests
    • Earth Week Celebrations

    Click Here to visit the In Our Community Page

    Green Meeting & Event Policy (PDF)

    Relevant Reports:



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