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    Permanent or Portable Signs

    Permanent or Portable Signs Information

    The Town of Halton Hills' Sign By-law controls any sign located outside a building wall, whether on private property or Town road allowance. 
    A Building Permit is required for a Permanent Sign.
    A Portable Sign Permit is required for a temporary sign. 
    Section 6 of the Sign By-law describes signs not requiring a permit.

    Portable Sign Permit Application Forms:

    A variance process is available where the sign cannot be erected in compliance with the by-law. The process takes approximately 3 months.

    For further information regarding the following please contact 905-873-2601 Ext. 2924:

    • Permanent or Portable Signs and Variances
    • Building Permits (required for a permanent sign)

    The Town has no jurisdiction on Regional roads or provincial highways. Permanent Signs on private property adjacent to provincial highways require a permit from the Ministry of Transportation before a Town of Halton Hills' Permit can be issued.

    Zoning staff administers the Town Sign By-law as it applies to the installation of permanent signs.

    Municipal Addresses

    Zoning staff provides municipal addresses to subdivision developers for distribution to builders and future homeowners.

    Urban and rural infill developments are assigned municipal addresses at the time of Building Permit issuance.

    Green and white reflective rural municipal address blades are available from F.L. Signs Ltd., located at 14030 Steeles Avenue, 905-878-8549.

    All fees for the blades are paid to F.L. Sign Inc.

    Rural property owners are encouraged to erect the reflective green and white blades, which are easily identified by Emergency Response Personnel rather than municipal addresses of other colours or material.

    Green Address Sign

    Instructions of Placement of Rural Municipal Street Address Signs.

    Zoning Sign Method specificationsMethods

    Please note that your Rural Municipal Street Address should be attached to a post which is clearly visible from both sides of the street.  Numbers should not be placed on your house as they may not be clearly visible from the street. The sign should be adjacent to your property line at your driveway.:





    Your Rural Municipal Street Address Sign

    Street Address Sign SpecificationsSpecifications:

    1. Flat aluminium or metal sign blank of (5”x16”) dimensions.
    2. White numbers (4” height) on green background)
    3. Numbers and background to be made of Engineering grade retro-reflective traffic sign sheeting.



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