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    Construction Projects

    Investing to Renew and Improve Halton Hills.Roads logo
    Keeping Our Roads Safe, in Top Condition, and managed fiscally.
    Road Construction projects improve residents’ quality of life for years to come.

    Each year, the Engineering Division provides both Pavement Management and Capital Works construction programs which renews and improves infrastructure across Halton Hills.

    The ROADS 2016 maps show the works that will be completed this year.  These maps provide a visual representation of each construction project location with details of start and end dates, description of works, and departmental contact information. Also, this year, bridge repair and replacement work is scheduled.



    Since 2013, the Engineering Division of the Planning and Infrastructure Department focused on communicating our Pavement Management Program and upgrading the roads in the various Ward areas to ensure that they were safe and in top condition for residents.

    Starting in the Spring of 2016, select streets will again benefit from road resurfacing and road construction.  Concurrent with the Town’s work, Halton Region, through the Building a Better Halton program will be completing water and wastewater capital projects on the streets indicated.


    Pavement Management Street Listing:

    Street/Road Span Type of Work Year
    Garnet Drive Resurfacing 2016
    Dale Gate Resurfacing 2016
    Norton Crescent Resurfacing 2016
    Rexway Drive from Heslop Court to Delrex Boulevard Resurfacing 2016
    Terry Court Resurfacing 2016
    Rexway Drive from Guelph Street to Delrex Boulevard Resurfacing 2016
    Gibbons Place Reconstruction 2016
    Delma Court Resurfacing 2016
    Crombie Place Resurfacing 2016
    Heslop Court Resurfacing 2016
    McIntyre Crescent Resurfacing 2016
    Hale Drive Resurfacing 2015
    Allen Road Resurfacing 2015
    Dawson Crescent Resurfacing 2015
    Irwin Crescent Resurfacing 2015
    Lucinda Place Resurfacing 2015
    Sherman Court Resurfacing 2015
    Stockman Crescent Resurfacing 2015
    Airedale Court Resurfacing 2015
    Eden Place Resurfacing 2015
    Byron Street Construction 2015


    Capital Works Street Listing:

    Street/Road Span Type of Work Description Year
    Fallbrook Trail from 27 Side Road to 13260 Fallbrook Trail Resurfacing Gravel Resurfacing 2016
    Eighth Line from 27 Side Road, 770m South Resurfacing Gravel Resurfacing 2016
    Tenth Line between 27 Side Road and 32 Side Road (500m Northwest of 27 Side Road and 1.25km toward 32 Side Road) Resurfacing Gravel Resurfacing 2016
    Fourth Line from Highway 7 to 32 Side Road Resurfacing Surface Treatment 2016
    Fallbrook Trail from Clayhill Road to 13260 Fallbrook Trail Resurfacing Surface Treatment 2016
    17 Side Road between Fourth Line and Fifth Line Rehabilitation Culvert Rehabilitation - 24/C 2016
    Churchill Road North from Queen Street to the Urban Limit Resurfacing Road Resurfacing 2016
    Main Street North and Ontario Street Intersection, Georgetown Construction Right Turn Lane Construction 2016
    Tenth Line - North of 22 Side Road, Lot 23 Bridge Rehabilitation Bridge Rehabilitation 2016
    15 Side Road between Fourth Line and Fifth Line Replacement Structure 15234 Replacement(Engineering 2016) 2020
    Tenth Line between 27 Side Road and 32 Side Road Rehabilitation Slope Stability - Engineering/Permits 2016
    Tenth Line between 22 Side Road and Clayhill Road Rehabilitation Gabion Wall Repair (Slope Stability) Engineering/Permits 2016
    Mill Street West from Birchway Place to Dublin Line Construction Reconstruction 2015
    Wildwood Road from Oakridge Drive to Ontario Street Construction Wildwood Road Reconstruction Phase 2 2015
    Mill Street East - Young Street to Wellington Street Reconstruction Reconstruction 2015
    25 Side Road from the Milton Town Line to Regional Road 25 Resurfacing Surface Treatment 2015
    22 Side Road - Tenth Line to Winston Churchill Boulevard Rehabilitation 22 Side Road Slope Stability Investigation 2015
    Sixth Line from 22 Side Road to Highway 7 Resurfacing Surface Treatment 2015
    5 Side Road from Fourth Line to Fifth Line Resurfacing Minor Asphalt Resurfacing 2015
    Mill Street West Birchway Place to Cobblehill Road Resurfacing Resurfacing 2016

    You can expect some disruption during this road work. However, we believe that the improvements to neighbourhood road safety and road condition will compensate for this short-term construction work period.


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    We have set up a response plan to address any questions or concerns that you may have.  To help track and address your concerns, please follow the steps below:

    Identify Concern – To help us track the issue, please tell us if the concern is regarding:

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    Contact Us:

    Teri Hoey will facilitate issue resolution and contact the on-site inspectors, as required. If your cable, hydro, water or other utility is affected, please contact:

    Teri Hoey
    Supervisor of Construction
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Teri Hoey
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2309


    Todd Cronkright
    Mgr of Design and Construction
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Todd Cronkright
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2306



    Adjusting Your Driving Routes

    During construction, access may be limited to some local public facilities.  Please take note of these construction project locations in order to adjust your driving route and time


    Possible Project Delays

    ROADS 2016 could be delayed by inclement weather or other site conditions identified during construction.  Please check back to this website for any updates.


    Widening your Curb Depression

    If you want to widen your curb depression for your driveway apron, you need to follow the Town’s application guidelines.  This process requires some lead time. Road Cut Changes (Entrance Permit).


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