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    Rec Partner Pass

    Partner Up!! A lady helping older women in a wheelchair

    Do you have a temporary or permanent disability that makes it difficult for you to participate in recreation programs on your own? Would you find it helpful to bring a partner along to assist you in participating? If you answered YES , the Rec Partner Pass may be just what you are looking for!

    What is a Rec Partner Pass?
    A Rec Partner Pass provides free admission to an individual  providing assistance to a participant with a disability who is attending a Recreation & Parks registered program, drop-in program, or activity at the Seniors Centre.

    Who qualifies for a Rec Partner Pass?
    Any individual with a disability, or the legal guardian of the individual with a disability on his/her behalf, may apply for a Rec Partner Pass. The individual or the legal guardian is the holder of the pass, and must agree to follow the terms of use.

    What is the role of the Rec Partner?
    Having been chosen by the participant, the Rec Partner:

    • Accompanies the participant with a disability in his/her chosen program or activity to provide one-on-one assistance that is not provided by Recreation & Parks program instructors;
    • Supports the participant with a disability in program participation;
    • Provides full supervision throughout the entire program;
    • Behaves in a manner that supports a positive program experience for all program participants;
    • For aquatic activities, is comfortable, and behaves safely, in the water.

    How do I get my Rec Partner Pass?
    It’s as simple as completing a Rec Partner Pass Registration Form, and submitting it to the Customer Service staff at any of the following locations:

    • Civic Centre – Recreation & Parks counter
    • Gellert Community Centre
    • Georgetown Seniors Centre
    • Acton Seniors Centre

    Terms of Use

    • A Rec Partner Pass Registration is completed and submitted by the person with the disability or a legal guardian on his or her behalf.
    • The Pass is valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of issue after which re-registration is required.
    • The person with a disability presents the Pass each time he or she attends the activity with his/her Rec Partner.
    • The person with a disability and the Rec Partner enter, attend, and exit the activity together.
    • The Rec Partner behaves in a manner that supports a positive program experience for all program participants.
    • The registrant is responsible for ensuring the Rec Partner is aware of the Terms of Use.
    • For fitness classes, the Rec Partner completes a PAR-Q and provides the instructor with a contact telephone number for emergencies.
    • Fees associated with meals and trips at the Seniors Centres cannot be waived.
    • The Terms of Use are subject to change without notice by the Town of Halton Hills.

    Town Inclusion Policy
    Review the complete Inclusion Policy



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