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    Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)

    Eden Oak – Creditview

    Eden Oak Creditview Heights development Frequently Asked Questions and Project Updates

    Welcome to the Town’s project web page for the Eden Oak Creditview Heights residential project. Please see the map below for the project location. The Eden Oak Creditview Heights Inc. development for 31 residential lots, roads, a stormwater facility and trail, and protected open space was approved by way of an Ontario Municipal Board decision issued on April 3, 2017. Details about the project and how it was evaluated by Town staff can be reviewed in the Final Staff recommendation report PI-2017-0012. All other past project related information can be viewed in the Project Information Archive.

    Staff Recommendation/Council Report – PI-2017-0012

    This page has been created to provide periodic project updates. Answers to commonly asked questions have been provided along with links to related project information. If you have questions not addressed on this page please contact Adam Farr, Manager of Development Review at the Town of Halton Hills at 905-873-2601 ext 2422 (email Adam Farr) or contact the Planning and Sustainability Department at 905-873-2601 ext 2900.

    eden oak map region

    Ontario Municipal Board Decision

    The Ontario Municipal Board issued its decision approving the Eden Oak Creditview Heights Inc. development applications seeking a zoning bylaw amendment and conditions of draft plan of subdivision approval for a 31 unit residential subdivision in the Hamlet of Glen Williams in the Town of Halton Hills.

    What did the Ontario Municipal Board approve?

    The approval issued by the Ontario Municipal Board includes two major components:

    • A Zoning Bylaw that sets out the various uses for the site including the designated environmental lands, the stormwater ponds, and the residential areas along with the various regulations that apply to the overall site and the specific lots; and
    • The conditions of draft plan of subdivision approval which set out the studies, obligations and detailed requirements that must be fulfilled by the developer before they can register* the lots and build on those lots. *Registration is the legal term for creation of residential lots (which will sold to home owners) and creation of associated infrastructure such as roads, stormwater and protected lands which is owned by the Town.
    Note that the developer only needs to fulfill specific conditions (not all of the conditions) to the satisfaction of the Town and reviewing agencies prior to starting any on of related off site activity. This site activity could include grading, construction of the storm water facility, tree removal, fence construction etc. The remainder of the conditions would have to be fulfilled before final approval and registration.

      What happens next?

      The owner has advised they intend to start the process of clearing the conditions of draft plan approval. Before any on or off site work can begin the owner must clear the required specific conditions, which includes submitting various studies and documents and entering into agreements that satisfy the Town and outside agencies including Halton Region and Credit Valley Conservation . Over the coming months, studies and plans will be reviewed by Town and agency staff and sent back to the owner. The owner will then update and resubmit the information until the issues identified in the conditions are cleared. During this time, residents may notice onsite activity such as people surveying or conducting related field work. One of the conditions of draft plan of subdivision approval (Condition 20) includes a requirement for a comprehensive construction management plan including a communications plan that must be approved before any site activity can begin. The construction management plan will include a central point of contact that residents can call.

        Where will construction occur first?

        The location, timing or sequencing of development cannot be confirmed until staff has received the required studies including a detailed project schedule. Before any significant on-site work can begin, work is required on:

        • Gamble Street to create the sewer connections to the owners lands; and
        • Credit Street to install a stormwater pipe.

          Will there be disruption to Wildwood Trail?

          An emergency services connection (gated granular path) and water services connection will be created connecting Ann St to the future cul de sac in the Eden Oak development. The grade difference between Ann St and the cul de sac will require lowering of the Wildwood Trail in that area. The owner is required to provide plans demonstrating how this crossing will occur along with a construction plan that addresses the staging and restoration. Wildwood Trail restoration and construction is addressed in Condition 65 of the conditions of draft plan of subdivision approval.

            What does “conditions of draft plan of subdivision approval” mean?

            The issuance of conditions of draft plan of subdivision approval signals that the development has been reviewed and that the fundamentals of the development are viable. This is a commonly issued approval wherever subdivision applications are filed in Ontario and is recognized in the Planning Act. When municipal Councils approve a subdivision they are approving conditions of draft plan of subdivision.

              How many conditions are there?

              For the Eden Oak development there are 114 conditions. As mentioned above, these conditions include all the required studies, obligations and detailed requirements that must be met before lots can be registered. Some of the conditions are administrative in nature, others deal with what is called “detailed design,” still others require communications with the community and future property owners.

                Who reviews the conditions on behalf of the Town?

                Town staff or specialized consultants retained by the Town review the material submitted by the applicant to clear conditions. Staff are professionals in their fields with extensive career backgrounds and certification in their respective disciplines. Consultants may be retained by the Town in areas of specialization outside the scope of Town staff or where additional resources are required due to work flow demands. On this project, the Town will continue to retain Burnside Engineering, a firm with experience in subdivision design matters similar to those accompanying this project.

                  How will future communications occur?

                  Prior to related on or off-site activity, residents will receive notification from the owner or the Town as appropriate. The owner’s construction management plan, required as a condition of approval of the draft plan of subdivision, is to include a communications strategy including the appointment of a central point of contact and related responsibilities (see Condition 20 of the conditions of draft plan of subdivision approval).

                    When might construction activity begin on the site?

                    The owner hopes to begin site work in the fall of 2017 after receiving the necessary authorization from the Town and other agencies. The exact dates depend on the Town and agency staff’s review of the owner’s submissions and clearance of the various conditions. Activity other than surveying is not expected on or around the site until the late fall 2017 at the earliest. The construction management plan has to be approved by the Town before any site alteration activity occurs and communications to residents is part of this plan.


                      Project Information Archive

                      Plan of Subdivision by Matthews Planning Management Ltd, February 26, 2008


                      1. Stage 1-2 Archaeological Assessment by AMICK Consultants_ April 2006
                      2. Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment by V.A. Wood_ August 2006
                      3. Geotechnical Investigation by V.A. Wood Updated_ August 2006
                      4. Preliminary Servicing Study by EMC Group Limited_ July 28, 2006


                      1. Functional Servicing Report by Condeland Engineering_ December 20086
                      2. Traffic Impact Study by Cole Engineering_ May 23, 2008
                      3. Urban Design Guidelines by MBTW Watchorn_ December 2008


                      1. Draft Environments Implementation Report by LGL limited_ April 2009
                      2. Hydrogeological Investigation by V.A. Wood Associates Limited_ July 2009


                      1. Environmental Implementation Report by LGL Limited_ updated December 2010
                      2. Geotechnical Investigation by V.A. Wood_ April 2010
                      3. Hydrogeological Investigation by V.A. Wood_ updated April 2010
                      4. Slope Assessment by V.A. Wood_ April 21, 2010
                      5. Urban Design Guidelines by MBTW Watchorn_ July 2010
                      6. Public Consultation Meeting_NOTES and ISSUES_Feb 9 2010.2.PDF
                      7. Eden Oak_Creditview Heights_Response to Resident Issues_September 7, 2010.PDF


                      1. Environmental Implementation Report by LGL Limited_ updated December 2011
                      2. Functional Servicing Report by Condeland Engineering_ December 2011
                      3. Geotechnical Investigation by V.A. Wood _ revised November 2011


                      1. “Glen Chase” Response to Circulation Comments_ January 12, 2012
                      2. Urban Design & Architectural Design Guidelines by MBTW Watchorn_ January 2012


                      1. EIS Addendum for glen Chase Subdivision by LGL Limited_ February 20, 2013
                      2. Functional Servicing Report by Condeland Engineering_revised February 12, 2013


                      1. Revised Draft Plan 24T-08001/H August 12, 2015
                      2. Revised Draft Plan 24T-08001/H September 25, 2015
                      3. EdenOak-Creditview resubmissision cover letter Oct 8 2015
                      4. Condoland_Fuctional Servicing Report. Oct 5 2015
                      5. VA Wood Cover Letter Oct 7 2015
                      6. VA Wood_Geotech and Slope Assess Sept 2015
                      7. Flat Rear Areas plan Oct 2015
                      8. Total rear yard -areas plan Oct 2015
                      9. Eng dwgs Figs 1 to 7 Oct 2015
                      10. Creditview Heights EIR Addendum October 2015
                      11. UDG Update Oct 2015


                      1. Creditview Traffic Updated January 2016
                      2. Submission # 4 – June 29th, 2016

                      Revised Draft Plan of Subdivision

                      Draft Zoning Bylaw and Conditions of Draft Plan Approval

                      February 2017 Comments

                      2016/2017 Updated Urban Design & Architectural Control Guidelines & Comments

                      1. December 21, 2016 Urban Design Guidelines
                      2. December 7, 2016 Architectural Guidelines
                      3. January 12, 2017 Town comments
                      4. January 2017 Urban Design Guidelines – Updated
                      5. January 2017 Architectural Design Guidelines - Updated
                      6. Visual Impact Analysis

                      2016/2017 Functional Servicing Report & Figures and Town Comments.

                      1. December 22, 2016 Functional Servicing Report, Condeland Engineering  Report
                      2. Figure 2 – General
                      3. Figure 3A - Grading Plan
                      4. Figure 3B - Grading Plan
                      5. Figure 3C - Regional Flow Conveyance
                      6. Figure 4A - Grading Cross Sections Plan
                      7. Figure 4B - Grading Cross Sections Plan
                      8. Figure 4C - Grading Cross Sections Plan
                      9. Figure 5 - Pre-Development Storm Drainage
                      10. Figure 6 - Post Development Storm Drainage
                      11. Figure 7A - Storm Water Management
                      12. Figure 7B - Storm Water Management
                      13. Figure 7C - Storm Water Management
                      14. Figure 8 - Sanitary Tributary Plan
                      15. Figure 9 - Plan and Profile Street A/Gamble Street
                      16. Town Comments (Burnside Engineering) January 17, 2017

                      2017 Hydrogeological information


                      For more information, please contact:

                      Adam Farr, BA, MES, MCIP, RPP, AICP
                      Manager of Development Review
                      Town of Halton Hills
                      1 Halton Hills Drive
                      Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
                      Email: Adam Farr
                      Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2422



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