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    Litter & Graffiti


    What is it?

    • Graffiti under an overpassEtching, painting or placing of any marks on public or private property.
    • Graffiti is considered an act of vandalism which is against the law.
    • It is NOT a sign or mural that has been authorized by the Town and approved by the owner.

    “All Property including Buildings, Fences and other objects shall be kept clean of Graffiti at all times and shall be restored, resurfaced and coordinated to the exterior finish of the object”. Bylaw 2008-0137 Property Standards

    If you see graffiti:

    • Call 911 immediately and report the crime to the police.
    • Call Public Works at 905-873-2601 Ext. 2603 to request to graffiti removal on municipal property.

    Reporting Graffiti


    • Street address
    • Intersections
    • Nearby markers
    • Object(s) and/ or locations that have been vandalized
    • What the graffiti says or looks like

    What we do?

    • Inspect the location
    • Remove graffiti found on municipal property based on a prioritized list.
    • In some instances, staff reports graffiti to the appropriate organization if it’s not on Town property i.e. Canada post boxes.
    • If graffiti on municipal property is obscene in nature, or refers to a particular individual, the Town will remove it immediately.

    See: Community Standards-By-law 2008-0138

    Graffiti on private property

    • Is the responsibility of the owner.
    • Bylaw officers will give the property owner a fixed time in order to comply (remove) the graffiti.
    • If the property owner does not comply within the allotted time, the Town will remove the graffiti and the cost will be added to the tax roll.
    • Without knowing the type of surface, its characteristics, the type of paint or other materials used to deface the surface, it is not possible to recommend an effective cleaning material or process.
    • Consult a graffiti removal specialist by searching the internet or using your local business directory.



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