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    User Fee Review (2011)

    Municipalities in Ontario are responsible for ensuring that the delivery of local services is undertaken in accordance with the provisions of Provincial legislation. To offset the cost of providing services municipalities are permitted to charge fees.  

    The Town of Halton Hills has levied such fees for many years. It has not, however, updated its fee bylaws for some time. In 2010, a service delivery review determined that the Town's development application fees were lower than comparable municipalities. In light of this the Town undertook a thorough review of its user fees. The purpose of the review was to establish the full cost of providing services and determine appropriate fee rates for recovering some or all costs as permitted under Provincial legislation.

    The review was conducted in three phases:

    • Phase 1 examined development application fees levied under the Planning Act.
    • Phase 2 examined building permit fees levied under the Building Code Act.
    • Phase 3 examined all other fees levied under the Municipal Act.

    Hemson Consulting Limited was retained to conduct the reviews.


    User Fee Review Phase 1 – Development Application Fees  

    The Phase 1 development application fee analysis calculates fee rates that would recover the full cost of providing development application review services over a five year period between 2011 and 2015. Full cost recovery fee rates are therefore based on the average annual level of development application activity and cost of providing review services over the next five years. It is anticipated that the Town will conduct a fee review update at the end of the five year period to determine whether a reasonable nexus between fee revenues and service costs still exists. 

    The Hemson fee report is posted here online for review and is being sent out to representative developers and agencies in the Town of Halton Hills for comment.  A Bylaw updating the development application fees is tentatively scheduled for consideration at the September 12, 2011 Council meeting.  

    For further questions or to provide comment please contact:

    Wendy O'Donnell, Manager of Finance, Town of Halton Hills
    905-873-2601 EXT 2240
    Adam Farr, Manager of Development Review, Town of Halton Hills
    905-873-2601 EXT 2422


    Written comments can be sent to:

    User Fee Review Phase 1 – Development Application Fees  
    c/o Wendy O'Donnell, Manager of Finance
    Town of Halton Hills,
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills, ON  L7G 5G2


    Phase 2 - Examined building permit fees levied under the Building Code Act.

    Userfee Review Phase 2/Building Permit Fees
    Halton Hills Review of Municipal Rates & Services Charges Effective 2012


    Phase 3 reports are coming soon and will be posted on this page.

    Hemson - User Fee Review Phase 3 Final Report September 8, 2011



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