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    Transportation Master Plan


    Transportation Master Plan

    The Town of Halton Hills, through their consultant Hatch Mott MacDonald, completed a Council approved Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Study. The TMP study provides the strategies, policies and tools required to meet the Town's transportation needs safely, effectively and cost efficiently. The TMP study identified an optimum transportation system that can accommodate the transportation needs of existing and future developments.

    An established community of over 58,000 persons, the Town of Halton Hills has residential and industrial lands in the urban areas of Acton, Georgetown, the Hamlets of Glen Williams, Stewarttown, Norval and the Highway 401/407 Gateway Business Park. It is anticipated that the population will increase to 94,000 persons by 2031 with employment levels expected to double to 43,000 employees.

    This planned population and employment growth along with intensification of land use and Greenfield Development will change the existing and future travel characteristics for Halton Hills residents and employees travelling within and outside the boundaries of Halton Hills.

    In parallel with changing travel characteristics, changes in travel behaviour are also anticipated with increased mobility, increased transit use and improved active transportation activities such as walking and cycling.

    It is important that the anticipated development growth and related transportation changes are balanced with the transportation needs and operations of the existing and future transportation system in order to provide a balanced and sustainable Transportation Master Plan that can be implemented in a cost effective manner.

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    Public Information Centre #1

    If you have questions or would like to discuss the Transportation Master Plan study, please contact the staff Project Manager in Transportation and Public Works Department.



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