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    Halton Hills Strategic Action Plan

    2031 Strategic Plan

    The Town’s Strategic Plan to the year 2031 was first developed in 2007. It contains a Community Vision, Corporate Mission and a set of Strategic Directions and  Goals, accompanied by Strategic Objectives and Actions to serve as a guide for the Town in implementing its Strategic Plan. Starting in 2008, Annual Monitoring Reports have been prepared to assist Council in measuring the success of the Town in implementing the Strategic Plan.

    In 2011, Council conducted a review of the Strategic Plan at the onset of the Council term and some updates were made to the Strategic Plan based on that review. In addition, Council also developed a set of Strategic Action Plan priorities, also known as the ‘Top Ten’, to be the focus for the 2010-2014 term of Council.

    In 2015, Council conducted another review of the Strategic Plan at the onset of the Council term. Some minor revisions were made to Community Vision to better align it with the Town’s Integrated Community Sustainability Strategy, and the reference to the 2031 planning horizon was removed recognizing that the Strategic Plan was longer term in focus, extending to 2041 and beyond. The Corporate Mission, Strategic Directions and Goals were confirmed as continuing to provide relevant guidance. The focus of Council’s efforts was the review and update of the Strategic Action Plan, which through Report PDS-2015-0035 resulted in a new ‘Top Eight’ set of priorities for the 2014-2018 term of Council.

    Download the Updated Strategic Planning Process document

    2014-2018 Strategic Action Plan Priorities

    View The ‘Top Eight’ list of priorities

    Strategic Plan top 8 Priorities

    Halton Hills Strategic Goals & Objectives

    To plan for a vibrant urban and rural community, the Town of Halton Hills will provide community leadership on issues of concern, and deliver a broad range of public services in order to achieve the following equally important Strategic Directions:


    A. Foster a Healthy Community


    To maintain and enhance a healthy community that provides a clean environment and a range of economic and social opportunities to ensure a superior quality of life in our community.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    A.1 To promote an adequate supply of housing and range of housing choices to meet the needs of present and future residents, including affordable, accessible and seniors housing.         
    A.2 To attract and retain a suitable range of health and social services.

    To provide a broad range of educational, recreational and cultural services that meet the needs of our residents.

    A.4 To provide accessibility throughout the community.
    A.5 To ensure the use of appropriate design strategies to create safe communities.
    A.6 To develop innovative programs and partnerships related to sustainable design and energy efficiency.
    A.7 To establish a greenspace network for the recreational use of residents that complements the Natural Heritage System.
    A.8 To recognize that a healthy community is made up of an interconnected system of open spaces and natural heritage features.
    A.9 To support and enhance a variety of arts and cultural opportunities for the enjoyment of the public.

    To encourage and promote community volunteerism.


    B. Preserve, Protect & Enhance our Environment


    To preserve, protect and enhance our natural environment for the health benefits and enjoyment it provides to present and future generations.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    B.1 To protect and conserve the quantity and quality of our ground and surface water resources, and ensure the integrity of our watersheds and aquatic ecosystems through integrated watershed planning and management.
    B.2 To promote an “environment-first” philosophy that recognizes the importance of the protection of the natural environment in all municipal decision-making.
    B.3 To preserve, protect, enhance, and where possible, restore, a Natural Heritage System of significant natural heritage features and areas, and their related ecological functions.
    B.4 To encourage improvements to air quality through facility management, land use planning, transportation management and other programs, and work with other orders of government to address greenhouse gas emissions.
    B.5 To conserve energy through community design, land use planning, transportation planning, and the design/retrofitting of public and private buildings.
    B.6 To encourage the acquisition by the Town of significant natural areas, especially as development occurs in designated urban areas.


    C. Foster a Prosperous Economy


    To maintain and enhance the economic vitality of the Town through the provision of a wide range of opportunities for economic development.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    C.1 To ensure an adequate supply of employment lands to provide flexibility and options for the business community and provide a range of job opportunities.
    C.2 To facilitate the retention and expansion of existing businesses in the Town.
    C.3 To facilitate a rebalancing of the residential to non-residential assessment ratio to provide for the Town's long-term financial viability.

    To protect strategic employment lands from conversions to non-employment uses.

    C.5 To aggressively promote all of the Town's employment areas, including the opportunities provided by the 401/407 Employment Corridor.
    C.6 To maintain and enhance our historic downtowns and vibrant commercial areas to provide for shopping, services, cultural amenities and entertainment.
    C.7 To promote the Town's strategic location in the Greater Golden Horseshoe for economic development purposes.
    C.8 To facilitate the establishment of a competitive business environment that is easily able to adapt to changing circumstances and priorities.
    C.9 To promote the establishment of more viable live/work relationships to reduce commuting.
    C.10 To promote opportunities for tourism that are linked to the Town's natural and cultural heritage and countryside character.
    C.11 To pursue partnerships across the Town's public and private sectors that enhance the community's economic wellbeing.


    D. Preserve, Protect and Promote our Distinctive History


    To preserve the historical urban and rural character of Halton Hills through the conservation and promotion of our built heritage, cultural heritage landscapes and archaeological resources.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    D.1 To require and develop a planning framework for the conservation of significant built heritage, cultural landscapes and archaeological resources.
    D.2 To encourage the preservation and enhancement of the historical character of the Town's distinctive neighbourhoods, districts, hamlets and rural settlement areas.
    D.3 To require that all new development occurs in a manner that conserves and complements the significant built heritage and cultural heritage landscape resources of the Town
    D.4 To use the conservation of built heritage and cultural heritage landscape resources to enhance the character and vitality of neighbourhoods, and provide opportunities for economic development and tourism.

    To foster civic pride by recognizing the contribution that built heritage and cultural heritage landscapes make to the rural and urban character of the Town.


    E. Preserve, Protect & Enhance our Countryside


    To protect and enhance the open space character of our countryside.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    E.1 To protect and enhance the Niagara Escarpment and the Protected Countryside (i.e. the Greenbelt) as unique and important features in the Town.
    E.2 To recognize, protect, and enhance the established network of rural settlement areas that support and contribute to the countryside character of the Town.
    E.3 To explore opportunities to promote and augment the Protected Countryside.


    F. Protect and Enhance Our Agriculture


    To protect and enhance the viability of our agricultural land base and agricultural industry.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    F.1 To support and promote the agricultural industry as an integral part of the Town economy.
    F.2 To support and promote agricultural land uses and other compatible rural business activities.
    F.3 To recognize and promote the role agricultural lands play in managing growth and defining community structure.


    G. Achieve Sustainable Growth


    To ensure that growth is managed so as to ensure a balanced, sustainable, well planned community that meets the needs of its residents and businesses.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    G.1 To provide for a moderate scale of growth that is in keeping with the Town's urban structure and protects its' rural character.
    G.2 To ensure that new urban areas are appropriately sized and phased relative to planned growth to 2031 and in conjunction with required infrastructure improvements.
    G.3 To manage the pace of growth so that it is commensurate with the Town's ability to accommodate community infrastructure.
    G.4 To promote a ‘growth pays for itself’ philosophy.
    G.5 To ensure that new growth contributes in a positive manner to the Town's short and long term economic and fiscal viability and sustainability.

    To ensure that sufficient fully serviced employment lands are designated to 2031 to accommodate new and expanded business activities that provide employment opportunities for local residents and provide greater balance between residential and non-residential assessment in the Town.

    G.7 To ensure that the character and stability of existing residential neighbourhoods is maintained when accommodating growth.
    G.8 To promote the identification of strategic employment land reserves to accommodate employment growth beyond 2031.
    G.9 To ensure that new population growth takes place by way of identifiable, sustainable, healthy and complete communities and neighbourhoods that reflect excellence in urban design.

    To promote intensification and affordable housing in appropriate locations within the Town.


    To ensure the efficient use of urban land and infrastructure in existing communities and new growth areas.

    G.13 To explore with the public and private sectors the use of innovative financial strategies to minimize the fiscal impacts of growth on existing development.


    H. Provide Sustainable Infrastructure & Services


    To maintain and enhance community infrastructure and services that support our quality of life.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    H.1 To provide infrastructure and services that meets the needs of our community in an efficient, effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

    To ensure that infrastructure required for growth is provided in a timely manner.

    H.3 To maintain adequate fire and emergency management services.
    H.4 To partner with other orders of government, and the private sector, to plan and finance infrastructure expansion and improvements.
    H.5 To advocate for adequate police and emergency medical services.
    H.6 To work with other orders of government to ensure the provision of a safe, diverse and integrated transportation system.


    I. Provide Responsive, Effective Municipal Government


    To provide strong leadership in the effective and efficient delivery of municipal services.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    I.1 Support Council and staff participation in efforts to advocate for issues important to the Halton Hills community.

    To ensure the accountability and transparency of the Town's operations, and that appropriate management policies, practices and procedures are in place.

    I.3 To foster excellence in the provision of customer service.
    I.4 To encourage and support community participation in municipal decision-making.
    I.5 To expand opportunities for communication with our community.

    To participate fully in Region-wide initiatives to protect and promote the Town's objectives.

    I.7 To foster a greater understanding of the Town's roles and responsibilities and relationships with other orders of government.
    I.8 To create an implementation and monitoring framework for the Community Strategic Plan.



    Strategic Plan Chart


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