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    G. Achieve Sustainable Growth


    To ensure that growth is managed so as to ensure a balanced, sustainable, well planned community that meets the needs of its residents and businesses.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    G.1 To provide for a moderate scale of growth that is in keeping with the Town's urban structure and protects its' rural character.
    G.2 To ensure that new urban areas are appropriately sized and phased relative to planned growth to 2031 and in conjunction with required infrastructure improvements.
    G.3 To manage the pace of growth so that it is commensurate with the Town's ability to accommodate community infrastructure.
    G.4 To promote a ‘growth pays for itself’ philosophy.
    G.5 To ensure that new growth contributes in a positive manner to the Town's short and long term economic and fiscal viability and sustainability.

    To ensure that sufficient fully serviced employment lands are designated to 2031 to accommodate new and expanded business activities that provide employment opportunities for local residents and provide greater balance between residential and non-residential assessment in the Town.

    G.7 To ensure that the character and stability of existing residential neighbourhoods is maintained when accommodating growth.
    G.8 To promote the identification of strategic employment land reserves to accommodate employment growth beyond 2031.
    G.9 To ensure that new population growth takes place by way of identifiable, sustainable, healthy and complete communities and neighbourhoods that reflect excellence in urban design.

    To promote intensification and affordable housing in appropriate locations within the Town.


    To ensure the efficient use of urban land and infrastructure in existing communities and new growth areas.

    G.13 To explore with the public and private sectors the use of innovative financial strategies to minimize the fiscal impacts of growth on existing development.



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