The official website for the Town of Halton Hills Ontario Canada. Halton Hills includes Georgetown, Acton, Stewarttown, Glenwilliams, Norval, Hornby, Limehouse, and Terra Cotta. Get Municipal News, By-law Information, Sustainability Tips, Recreation Swimming/Skating Schedules and everything else you would need to know about living, visiting, doing business in Halton Hills Ontario.

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    C. Foster a Prosperous Economy


    To maintain and enhance the economic vitality of the Town through the provision of a wide range of opportunities for economic development.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    C.1 To ensure an adequate supply of employment lands to provide flexibility and options for the business community and provide a range of job opportunities.
    C.2 To facilitate the retention and expansion of existing businesses in the Town.
    C.3 To facilitate a rebalancing of the residential to non-residential assessment ratio to provide for the Town's long-term financial viability.

    To protect strategic employment lands from conversions to non-employment uses.

    C.5 To aggressively promote all of the Town's employment areas, including the opportunities provided by the 401/407 Employment Corridor.
    C.6 To maintain and enhance our historic downtowns and vibrant commercial areas to provide for shopping, services, cultural amenities and entertainment.
    C.7 To promote the Town's strategic location in the Greater Golden Horseshoe for economic development purposes.
    C.8 To facilitate the establishment of a competitive business environment that is easily able to adapt to changing circumstances and priorities.
    C.9 To promote the establishment of more viable live/work relationships to reduce commuting.
    C.10 To promote opportunities for tourism that are linked to the Town's natural and cultural heritage and countryside character.
    C.11 To pursue partnerships across the Town's public and private sectors that enhance the community's economic wellbeing.



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