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    B. Preserve, Protect & Enhance our Environment


    To preserve, protect and enhance our natural environment for the health benefits and enjoyment it provides to present and future generations.

    Strategic Objective

    Section Objective
    B.1 To protect and conserve the quantity and quality of our ground and surface water resources, and ensure the integrity of our watersheds and aquatic ecosystems through integrated watershed planning and management.
    B.2 To promote an “environment-first” philosophy that recognizes the importance of the protection of the natural environment in all municipal decision-making.
    B.3 To preserve, protect, enhance, and where possible, restore, a Natural Heritage System of significant natural heritage features and areas, and their related ecological functions.
    B.4 To encourage improvements to air quality through facility management, land use planning, transportation management and other programs, and work with other orders of government to address greenhouse gas emissions.
    B.5 To conserve energy through community design, land use planning, transportation planning, and the design/retrofitting of public and private buildings.
    B.6 To encourage the acquisition by the Town of significant natural areas, especially as development occurs in designated urban areas.



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