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    Active Living Strategy

    Active Living Strategy

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    The community of Halton Hills developed an Active Living Strategy to increase the physical activity levels of people who live, work and play in Halton Hills. The development of the strategy responds to the fact that Canadians generally do not meet the national daily physical activity guidelines and are not maximizing the resultant health benefits. The Strategy outlines 46 Recommended Actions over a five-year timeframe to improve the activity-friendliness in the Town of Halton Hills.  A two-year implementation plan has been created to start the process and the initiative has been branded “Active Easy”.

    Download the full Active Living Strategy (PDF)


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    Key Objectives for 2017-2019

    • Increase the quality and availability of new active opportunities by building capacity, developing partnerships and sharing best practices through the Active Easy Network.
    • Increase participation in active living by providing the OPEN STREET opportunities that will allow individuals and families to engage in casual, no cost physical activity.
    • Remove barriers and encourage low income families to play by providing free Activity Kits.
    • Enhance engagement with families with children by providing active toys at local parks.
    • Enhance trail usage by providing activity features along trails.
    • Create an outreach strategy to engage the rural community in identifying barriers and potential solutions to inactivity.
    • Provide Physical Literacy training to the Network partners and volunteers.           
    • Profile and celebrate residents being active through the “Caught Being Active” campaign delivered by volunteer Ambassadors.
    • Share successes with the community through local and social media.


    Community at large: Individuals wishing to hear about
    the activities of the Network  and be selectively involved.

    Correspondents:  Organizations wishing to receive
    regular updates about the activities of the Network.

    Special Project Supporters: Individuals and
    organizations wishing to support the delivery of
    specific initiatives.

    Alliance: Individuals and organization representatives
    wishing to be involved at the coordinating committee
    level through ongoing attendance at bi-monthly
    meetings and a commitment to assisting with
    project initiatives.


    1. What is "Active Easy"?
    2. What is an Activity-Friendly community?
    3. What will the "Active Easy Alliance" do?

    What is "Active Easy"?

    Active Easy is the name of a community-wide initiative with a goal of making Halton Hills a place where it is EASY to be ACTIVE. We are seeking organizations and individuals who are committed to working together to help make the Town of Halton Hills more Activity-Friendly community. This group of organizations and individuals will be known as the Active Easy Alliance.

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    What is an Activity-Friendly community?

    An activity-friendly community is one where being physically active is easy, at home, work, play and along the way; where physical activity is accessible, affordable and appealing for all; where groups, families and individuals value and support active lifestyle choices. An activity-friendly community is one where it doesn’t take planning and organizing to be active…it’s easy to include it as part of your day to day life!

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    What will the "Active Easy Alliance" do?

    The Town of Halton Hills invested in creating a community-driven plan that is full of great ideas and promising practices. The Active Easy Alliance will review the plan and collectively implement some of the approaches and engaging activities, which include:

    • Hosting “Open Street” events, where we temporarily transform streets into shared space for pedestrians, cyclists, and various forms of fun activity!
    • Launching a “Caught Being Active” campaign, which will recognize people out and about in the community being active by walking their dogs, playing in the parks, going for stroll, just to name a few!
    • Creating and distributing Activity Kits to help families enjoy outdoor play!
    • Distributing new and active toys in local parks to encourage families to stay and play longer!

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    We are looking for organizations and individuals to be part of our steering committee to assist with implementing our Active Easy Plan. It’s easy to get involved. Click here for the Active Easy Alliance Terms of Reference and Application Form.

    There are numerous special events and initiatives planned and we need plenty of volunteers. If this interests you, click here to see the Active Easy Ambassador Position Description

    If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive information about activities and upcoming events, please provide us with your contact information: Join E-mail contact list.



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