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    Community Sustainability Strategy

    Goals of the Community Sustainability Strategy

    The main goal of the Town Sustainability Advisory Committee is to help create a sustainable Halton Hills by capturing the community’s hopes and dreams for the future in an integrated Community Sustainability Strategy.  With your valuable input, the Advisory Committee intends to deliver a Community Sustainability Strategy by mid-2012.  This Strategy will be crafted through a “Town led, community owned” process, resulting in a Strategy that is jointly implemented by the Town, community stakeholders, residents and businesses.  The Strategy will recognize that moving towards a more sustainable future is a shared responsibility.  With a long-term community vision, objectives, targets and tools to measure progress, our Community Sustainability Strategy will show the path towards a sustainable community. 

    It will be an “integrated” strategy because it will consider the many different facets of our community.  That is, the Strategy will consider everything from the health of our natural environment, active transportation, compact development and the use of cleaner energy to the creation of wealth through local employment opportunities, balancing the tax assessment base, attracting green jobs and making it affordable for businesses to invest in Halton Hills.  It will also explore ways of fostering a vibrant arts and culture scene, preserving our built heritage, creating attractive public meeting spaces and celebrating our differences.  Lastly, the Strategy will focus on our infrastructure needs, creating safe and healthy neighbourhoods, providing educational opportunities and creating a desirable place to live.  All the components that make our community unique will be considered.  The Community Sustainability Strategy will evolve over time in response to the community’s priorities and interests.   

    Speaking about the Community Sustainability Strategy, Mayor Bonnette said:

    “As Chair of the Town Sustainability Advisory Committee, I see the preparation of our Community Sustainability Strategy as a tremendous opportunity for the whole community to lend its voice to shaping a vision for what Halton Hills should look like in the next 50 or 100 years.  It is through this unique community-driven, bottom-up, initiative that we will uncover what we value about our community and how we can make it sustainable not only for our generation, but also for those that will follow us.  I strongly encourage all those interested in shaping Halton Hills’ future to get involved.  This is your opportunity to shape our future.”   

    To ensure that the Community Sustainability Strategy is prepared through a collaborative process, the Town Sustainability Advisory Committee is committed to reaching beyond the Committee in order to hear your many hopes and dreams for Halton Hills’ future, and how, together, we can help make these happen.  How is the Committee doing this?  The Committee has established a Steering Committee to champion the preparation of the Community Sustainability Strategy. In turn, the Steering Committee has organized itself into four sub-committees, with each focused on one of the four areas typically associated with sustainability: culture, society, environment and economy.  Each sub-committee includes individuals from outside of the Town Sustainability Advisory Committee.   

    As Chair of the Steering Committee, Mr. Robert Knox, noted:

    “This is truly a community effort.  In the course of preparing our Community Sustainability Strategy we hope to hear from as many residents and businesses as possible.  We are truly committed to making this a strategy that is owned by the community.  We encourage everyone to get involved in shaping the future of Halton Hills as the most sustainable community anywhere!”      



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