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    Norval Secondary Plan Review

    Background & Purpose

    The Town of Halton Hills has initiated a review of the Hamlet of Norval Secondary Plan. The purpose of the project/study is to review and update the land use designations and policies in the Secondary Plan.  The current Hamlet of Norval Secondary Plan was adopted by Council in 2001 and approved by the Region of Halton in 2003. Issues to be considered as part of the review include:

    • The Hamlet of Norval Secondary Plan is due for a five year review as prescribed by the Planning Act, to ensure that it conforms to provincial plans, has regard for matters of provincial interest, and is consistent with provincial policy;
    • Consideration of the outcome of the Halton Peel Boundary Area Transportation Study (HPBATS);
    • Revised floodplain mapping has been prepared by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority that affects the Hamlet of Norval; and,
    • Consideration of comments recently received from the Norval community through consultation on the Comprehensive Zoning By-law related to a desire to revisit the maximum square footage per commercial premises, and the extent of the Hamlet Community Core land use designation.

    Stakeholder and public input for the review of the Secondary Plan will be facilitated though the establishment of a Steering Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, public workshops and public meetings.

    Map of Study Area


    Study Process

    The Study will be undertaken in five phases.

    Project Work Plan


    Phase 1 – Background Analysis and Issue Identification - COMPLETED

    Phase 1 entails a review of background material to provide a sound basis for decision making.  Research will be undertaken to review the existing conditions, current policy framework and transportation and floodplain information available for the Hamlet. Major opportunities and constraints will be identified within the Hamlet and a Discussion Paper will be prepared outlining the findings of the background review. 
    A visioning workshop will be held for stakeholders and the public to:

    1. Review the findings of the Discussion Paper;
    2. Identify opportunities and constraints for development in the community; and
    3. Provide input towards the creation of a draft vision statement and updated goal and objectives for Norval.



    Phase 2 – Land Use Alternatives - COMPLETEDCredit River Running through Norval

    The second phase of the Study will utilize the background information and public input derived from Phase 1 to develop land use and preliminary policy alternatives for Norval.  Alternatives developed will include strategies for integrating the natural heritage system with the community and approaches to the Community Core Area. A Policy Alternatives Paper will be prepared which will then be presented at a Public Workshop.  Stakeholders and the public will be asked to provide input on the various alternatives.


    Phase 3 – Preferred Land Use Alternative - COMPLETED

    Building on the work undertaken in Phase 1 and 2, the purpose of Phase 3 is to select a preferred land use alternative.  The alternatives developed in Phase 2 will be evaluated in order to select the preferred option. The evaluation will be based on the public input received and the provincial, regional and Town policy context. A recommendation report identifying the preferred alternative will be submitted to Council for approval.


    Phase 4 – Initial Policy Formulation - COMPLETED

    As part of this phase, a revised draft Secondary Plan will be prepared based on the preferred alternative approved by Council as part of Phase 3. In addition, proposed revisions to the Zoning By-law and Urban Design and Heritage Protection Guidelines will be prepared. The draft Secondary Plan and suggested by-law and guideline revisions will be presented to Council for formal authorization for release to the public. The draft Secondary Plan amendment and suggested by-law and guideline revisions will be reviewed at a Public Workshop. All the comments received will be summarized and analyzed in a Public Consultation Paper.

    Phase 5 – Final Policy - COMPLETED

    The proposed Secondary Plan amendment and suggested bylaw and guideline revisions will be revised based on the public input received. The Plan will then be presented at a statutory public meeting of Council. Public and agency comments from the meeting will be summarized as part of a final recommendation report to Council. The recommendation report will present the final recommended Secondary Plan and proposed zoning and design guideline revisions to Council for approval. 


    Community and Agency ConsultationLucy Maud Montgomery Garden

    As noted above in the study process, there are three public workshops/meetings and a statutory Public Meeting planned as part of the project.  The meeting dates/times/locations and the summaries of the proceedings will be posted on this website.  You are invited to attend all of the public sessions to make your views known. 

    A Technical Advisory Committee is being established which includes staff from the relevant Town departments as well as staff from the Region of Halton, Credit Valley Conservation and the Ministry of Transportation. 
    A Steering Committee is also being established which will include members of Town Council, Town Advisory Committees, staff, local residents, landowners and the Region of Halton.


    Public Meetings and Open Houses


    Consulting Team

    The consulting team working on the Study is led by Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd. and includes Brook McIlroy Inc., AECOM and W. Scott Morgan & Associates.


    Links to Staff Reports

    Below is a list of related reports:


    Links to Background Reports and Studies

    Below is a list of related Reports and Studies:


    Contact Information

    To obtain further information regarding this project please visit the Planning & Sustainability Department, Town of Halton Hills, 1 Halton Hills Drive, Halton Hills, Ontario L7G 5G2 or contact:


    Steve Burke
    Manager of Planning Policy
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Steve Burke
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2254




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