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    Risk Watch

    Risk Watch logoAn Injury Prevention Program for Elementary School-Aged Children
    Download the Risk Watch brochure in an Acrobat PDF format.

    What is Risk Watch?
    Risk Watch was developed by NFPA and the Lowe's Home Safety Council. Risk Watch is an injury prevention program designed for children in preschool through grade eight. It addresses the top eight risk areas that injure or kill the most kids every year. Risk Watch is designed to help children and families create safer homes and communities by teaching them the skills and knowledge they need to make positive choices about their personal safety and well-being.

    What are the Components of Risk Watch?

    1. Motor vehicle safety
    2. Fire and burn prevention
    3. Choking, suffocation and strangulation prevention
    4. Poisoning prevention
    5. Falls prevention,
    6. Firearms injury prevention,
    7. Bike and pedestrian safety and
    8. Water safety

    What is the Philosophy behind Risk Watch?
    We believe teachers are the key to a safer future. By teaching children to recognize and avoid risks, we can help them lead a fuller and more productive lives. By including caregivers, parents and community members in this process, we can have a positive impact on society as a whole.

    How is the Program Delivered?
    Risk Watch teachers and families help children promote, practice, and apply learned skills to make safe choices. The Risk Watch program enhances the Health & Safety curriculum as outlined by provincial education standards. The curriculum offer many opportunities for participation by Risk Watch Coalition Partners who help reinforce classroom lessons with additional information and a “real world” perspective.

    Who Supports the Risk Watch Program?
    The Halton Hills Injury Prevention Committee's "Risk Watch Coalition" is a partnership of community safety advocates. Our mandate is to provide elementary school children, their teachers, and families with the educational resources needed to reduce preventable injuries. The Ontario Fire Marshal's Public Safety Council, with the assistance of the National Fire Protection Association, has aided in the program's development. The Halton Catholic District School Board throughout Halton Hills successfully implemented the program in September of 2000. It is a goal of the Coalition to implement the Risk Watch Program in all schools throughout Halton Hills!

    Risk Watch Coalition Members

    • Halton Hills Fire Department
    • Halton Regional Police
    • Halton Region Emergency Medical Services
    • Halton Catholic District School Board
    • Georgetown District Christian School Board
    • Region of Halton
    • Halton Hills Injury Prevention Committee
    • Ray Johnson & Associates Inc.
    • Prosperity One
    • Laidlaw Transport




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