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    Current Financial Budgets (2017)

    Operating and Capital Budgets

    The Town’s annual budget is developed by staff in consideration of the guidelines approved by Council in September.  The budgets are influenced by Council’s Strategic Plan, various long-term plans, Town policies and external factors as outlined in the Supplementary Information section of the budget document.  Budget Committee deliberates and Council approves the budgets in December of each non-election year, ensuring an approved budget is in place for the start of the new year.  In an election year, the approval is delayed until January to allow the new Council time for orientation and budget review.


    2017 Budget

    The 2017 Budget and Business Plan aims to strike a balance of affordable taxes for property owners while implementing and maintaining priority services for the residents of Halton Hills.  Halton Hills Town Council approved the Capital budget November 28, 2016, and the Operating budget on December 12, 2016.

    Council approved increases to the Town’s 2017 Operating budget of 3.9%, comprised of a 3.3% increase to the base budget and a 0.6% Fire Services Levy.  When combined with the Region and Education increases, the overall property tax increase is 2.3%.  This means that residential property taxes will increase $20 per $100,000 of assessment value for 2017.

    To request an accessible version of the budget document, please contact the Finance Department at 905-873-2601 ext. 2251 or Email us


    2016 Budgets

    • 2016 Operating & Capital Budget Summary PDF (65 mb)

    2015 Budgets

    • 2015 Capital Budget Summary PDF
    • 2015 Operating Budget Summary PDF


    2014 Budgets

    • 2014 Capital Budget Information PDF
    • 2014 Operating Budget Summary PDF
    • 2014 2014 Capital Budget and 2015 - 2023 Capital Forecast PDF


    2013 Budgets

    • 2013 Capital Budget Information PDF
    • 2013 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2013 Operating Budget Summary PDF
    • 2013 Operating Budget Summary by Account PDF


    2012 Budgets

    • 2012 Capital Budget Information PDF
    • 2012 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2012 Operating Budget Summary PDF


    2011 Budgets

    • 2011 Capital Budget Information PDF
    • 2011 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2011 Operating Budget Summary PDF


    2010 Budgets

    • 2010 Capital Budget Information PDF
    • 2010 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2010 Operating Budget Summary PDF


    2009 Budgets

    • 2009 Operating Budget Summary PDF
    • 2009 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2009 Capital Budget Information PDF


    2008 Budgets

    • 2008 Operating Budget Summary PDF
    • 2008 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2008 Capital Budget Information PDF


    2007 Budgets

    • 2007 Operating Budget Summary PDF
    • 2007 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2007 Capital Budget Information PDF


    2006 Budgets

    • 2006 Operating Budget Summary PDF
    • 2006 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2006 Capital Budget Information PDF


    2005 Budgets

    • 2005 Operating Budget Summary PDF
    • 2005 Operating Budget Information PDF
    • 2005 Capital Budget Information PDF



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