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    How to Book a Facility

    Gellert Community Centre

    We understand what an important decision choosing the right venue for your special event is and we are happy to work with you to find the perfect place for your celebration.

    Our permit coordinators will walk you through the rental process and assist with any questions you may have along the way.

    Booking is Easy Just follow these four simple steps
    1. Submit the Facility Request form

      The Facility Request Form can be found online ( or at any of our facilities. The information provided will help us to better understand your rental needs while also providing us with your contact information to ensure a timely and efficient response.

      Online: Simply click here to complete the form and submit it through our online system.

      Hard Copy: If you have completed a hard copy you can choose submit your form by fax to 905.873.1587 or drop it off at the facility closest to you.

      You may wish to call the noted permit coordinator responsible for booking your desired facility type to inquire about suitability of the facility and availability prior to submitting a facility request form.

    2. Sign Permit & Provide Deposit

      Once we have received your completed facility request form, you will receive confirmation from our permit coordinator. The coordinator will then discuss any further information that is needed in order to complete your facility request form, including the terms and conditions associated with the permit.

    3. Provide Necessary Documentation

      Upon acceptance of your signed permit and receipt of a 25% non-refundable deposit, the permit coordinator may ask you to provide the following documentation: Insurance, SOP (Special Occasion Permit) and Smart Serve Certification. These items are typically only required if you are having a licensed event and alcohol will be served. These items, if requested, must be provided 10 business days prior to your event. If these items are not submitted within the allotted time your permit will be cancelled and you will lose access to the facility. Click here for more information regarding serving food and alcohol

    4. Final Payment

      After you have submitted the requested items (where applicable) you will then be asked to pay the balance of your rental fee. This portion of the payment will need to be paid a minimum of 14 days prior to your booking. If payment is not submitted within the allotted time your permit will be cancelled and you will lose access to the facility.


    For detailed information on rental payments and cancellations see Rental Terms and Conditions

    Before renting our facilities, please review our Zero Tolerance Policy.


    call our rental hotline 905-873-2601 ext 7722

    You can now direct all facility inquiries to one easy-to-remember phone number. Friendly and helpful staff are at your service, ready to to help you find the perfect place to celebrate your special occasion.

    Have an email inquiry? Email Facility Rentals Your email will be automatically directed to the permit coordinator of your desired facility.


    All groups and individuals using Town and/or District School Board(s) facilities must provide proof of insurance in the amount of $2 million naming the Town (and the specific school board(s) where applicable) as additional insured.

    You can choose to purchase insurance through the Town of Halton Hills by completing an Insurance Application Form and submitting it to your permit coordinator. Alternatively, you can purchase insurance through a provider of your choice.




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