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    Governance & Leadership

    Governance & Leadership

    Forming a community group can be an overwhelming process. How do we determine our policies and procedures? How does our board function and how can we better utilize the strengths of our members? The Town of Halton Hills is dedicated to assisting new and existing Community Groups through all aspects of the development process. Listed below are a number of useful resources covering all areas from leadership and ethics to board management and organizational models.

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      Getting Started

    As you set out to develop the organization of your Community Group, many questions will arise. To incorporate or not to incorporate? What type of governance model should be adopted? What are the goals of our organization? The following resources can help to answer those initial questions as you begin the process for setting up your Community Group.

    Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (.pdf)
    Does your nonprofit or charity need a lawyer (.pdf)
    Incorporation for Non for Profit Organizations (.pdf)
    Volunteer Led, Staff Managed (.pdf)
    3 Statements that can change the world mission - vision - values (.pdf)


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      Board Resources

    A successful board is dependent on positive board culture, one that is welcoming, uses the talents of its members and has clear standards and expectations for all of its members. The following resources can help to build positive board culture within your community group.

    Board Effectiveness Survey (.pdf)
    Board Mentoring Handbook (.pdf)
    Incorporation for Non for Profit Organizations (.pdf)
    Boards that work not for profit vs profit (.pdf)
    Questions for Perspective Board Members and Board Member Position Descriptions (.pdf)

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    Charities and not for profits have long embraced the need for governance principles that enhance their organization's impact and strengthen the public's confidence. Given the wonderful diversity of organizations, missions, and forms of activity that make up the charitable community, each organization is encouraged to determine how Ethics can best be applied to their own situation.

    SPRA Advocacy Resource (.pdf)
    The Principles Workbook (.pdf)
    WCA Oath of Office Confidentiality Agreement Board Code of Conduct
    Conflict of Interest Policy
    The 3-D's of Board Governance (.pdf)

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      Leadership Models

    Effective leaders can communicate in ways that can be heard by all members of their team. Use the following resources to discover the strengths and challenges of diverse leadership styles, as well as expectations and preferences held by leaders, employees and volunteers within an organization.

    A guide for managing staff for busy leaders (.pdf)
    Attracting and Keeping Youth Volunteers(.pdf)
    Incorporation for Non for Profit Organizations (.pdf)
    Summit 2008 Action Plan 2008/07/07 (.pdf)
    Developing your Terms of Reference (.pdf)

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      Organizational Support

    What type of organization are you? What role should your board play? By using the resources below you can examine various organizational models to weigh the strengths and weaknesses and better determine which model will ultimately achieve the goals set-out by your organization.

    Governance Models (.pdf)
    Governance Article (.pdf)
    Strategic Planning (.pdf)
    Organizational Structure Flow Chart (.pdf)

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    A number of helpful resources from applying for funding to examining your organizations legal needs are available.

    7 Steps to Creating a Case for Support (.pdf)
    A Perfect Match (.pdf)
    AGM Agenda (.pdf)
    Does your Nonprofit or Charity need a Legal Checkup (.pdf)
    Finding new board members (.pdf)

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