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    Community Group Registration

    Community Group Registration banner

    Town of Halton Hills work together with community groups and individuals to provide services that develop healthy and active communities.

    The Town recognizes the importance of these community groups and the volunteers that help make them so successful. Through the Recreation & Parks Community Group Registration program, the Town provides ongoing support to non-profit groups that comply with the program’s criteria.

    Benefits of Registration
    How to Become Registered
    Monitoring and Evaluation
    Getting Started


    Why Register your Group with the Town of Halton Hills?

    Registered Groups may be eligible for:

    • Priority status for ice, floor and/or sports fields (subject to Facility Allocation Policy), and preferred rates for school use (as per the Reciprocal agreement with School Boards)
    • Reduced rates at selected facilities
    • Free Town space for annual general meetings when elections are held
    • Advertising and promotional opportunities at registered rates
    • A one-time free ¼ page ad in our Community Activity and Service Guide for newly registered groups
    • Workshop series and leadership opportunities at reduced rates
    • Assistance of a Town staff liaison, acting in an advisory capacity
    • Assistance in connecting with other community organizations and government programs, grants, funding opportunities and resources

    Who is Eligible for Group Registration?

    To be eligible to become a registered group, the group must be a non-profit organization which has been in operation for a year, and which operates under the authority of a volunteer board or committee.

    The primary objective or activity of the organization must align with the mandate and values of Recreation and Parks. Mandate and Values

    Criteria for Becoming a Registered Group

    • Group must operate in an open and democratic manner through the holding of an annual general meeting where elections of an executive/board by the membership takes place
    • Base of operation must be in the Town of Halton Hills
    • A minimum of 85% of the membership or registrants must be residents/rate payers in Halton Hills; taking into consideration such factors as geographic location, skill level, age restrictions, and facility limitations Group must not
    • Not duplicate another registered group which is formed for the same purpose unless the existing group cannot meet the demand for its service.
    • Must be in good financial standing with the Town.
    • Registration status must be renewed annually upon receipt of a renewal package

    NEW! Social services, registered charities and service clubs may now be eligible for Community Group Registration. Eligibility will be reviewed on a case- by- case basis.

    Who is Not Eligible for Group Registration?

    • Political parties and other groups with a political, religious and/or political doctrine designed to persuade the public to adopt a particular view on a broad social question.
    • Commercial Businesses


    How to Become a Registered Group?
    Groups wishing to become registered must submit a new Community Group Registration - NEW
    along with:

    • Current copy of the organization’s constitution and by-laws
    • Current year’s financial statement if applicable                    
    • Next year’s proposed budget including applicable memberships
    • Minutes from last annual general meeting
    • A list of the organization’s current board/executive including positions, names, addresses, home/business phone numbers and e-mails
    • Current membership list with full addresses and postal codes including birth years for all youth members in an Excel file.
    • Current copy of their Directors/Executive Liability -Insurance Policy (if applicable)

    What is the Purpose of Collecting this Data?

    • Ensuring eligibility criteria requirements are met for all registered groups
    • Helps the Town identify the type of support community groups may require
    • Recreation & Parks Strategic Action Plan


    The Community Development Coordinator will review your request for registered status based on the Community Group Registration Policy.


    Confused about the Process?
    If you are unsure of any of the documentation that you are required to submit, take a look at the templates provided:



    For further information on applying for Municipal Assistance, please contact

    Community Development Coordinator
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive 
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2 
    Email: Erin Burger
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2273



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