The official website for the Town of Halton Hills Ontario Canada. Halton Hills includes Georgetown, Acton, Stewarttown, Glenwilliams, Norval, Hornby, Limehouse, and Terra Cotta. Get Municipal News, By-law Information, Sustainability Tips, Recreation Swimming/Skating Schedules and everything else you would need to know about living, visiting, doing business in Halton Hills Ontario.

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    Town of Halton Hills Ward 2

    Regional Councillor Ward 2:

    Clark A. Somerville Clark A. Somerville
    Regional Councillor
    Wards 1 & 2

    Tel: 905-703-6388
    Fax: 905-873-1431

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    Ward 2 Councillors:

    Ted Brown Ted Brown
    Ward 2 Councillor

    Tel: 905 877-2323

    Bryan Lewis Bryan Lewis
    Ward 2 Councillor

    Tel: 905-877-5380

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    Ward 2 Street List:

    10616-16406 5 Side Road (even numbers only)
    8375-15801 5 Side Road (odd numbers only)
    7774-15824 10 Side Road (even numbers only)
    8163-13089 10 Side Road (odd numbers only)
    16469 10 Side Road only
    15 Side Road
    17 Side Road
    20 Side Road
    27 Side Road
    6012-16768 22 Side Road (even numbers only)
    10417-16817 22 Side Road (odd numbers only)
    10894-16636 32 Side Road (even numbers only)
    Abbitt Crescent
    Adamson Street North, Norval
    Adamson Street South, Norval
    Ainley Trail
    Alexander Street, Glen Williams
    Allison Court
    Appelbe Court
    Arthur Street, Norval
    Autumn Circle
    Barraclough Boulevard
    Beaver Street
    Bennett Place
    Bishop Court
    Black Creek Court
    Blue Mountain Place
    13406 & 13424 Brick Lane (all addresses within Town boundaries)
    Bridlewood Boulevard
    Brigden Gate
    Brownridge Road
    7081-7801 Campbellville Road (odd numbers only)
    Chelton Street
    Clayhill Road
    Confederation Street
    Country Lane Crescent
    Credit Street
    Deer Run Crescent
    Draper Street, Norval
    9017-12299 Dublin Line (odd numbers only)
    9104-12308 Dublin Line (even numbers only)
    7729-9853 & 12075-14375 Eighth Line (odd numbers only)
    Karen Drive
    King Street
    Kirkpatrick Lane
    Leslie Hill Road
    Louisa Street
    Main Street, Glen Williams
    Mary Street, Norval
    Mcmaster Street
    Meagan Drive
    Mill Pond Drive
    Mountain Street
    Mullen Place
    Newton Street
    10305-12285 Nassagaweya Esquesing Town Line
    8008-10702 & 12070-14356 Eighth Line (even numbers only)
    Elizabeth Street, Limehouse
    Erin Street
    Fallbrook Trail
    Fifth Line

    Forest Ridge Crescent
    Forster Street
    9017-14323 Fourth Line (odd numbers only)
    9110-12060 Fourth Line (even numbers only)
    Gamble Street
    Glen Crescent Drive
    Gordons Creek Court
    Green Street
    399-559 Guelph Street, Norval (odd numbers only)
    460-560 Guelph Street, Norval (even numbers only)
    Harrison Place
    10059-12373 & 13001-13939 Highway 7 (odd numbers only)
    10214-13678 Highway 7 (even numbers only)
    Hilts Court
    Holdroyd Court
    Hornby Road
    Hume Court
    Joseph Street, Glen Williams
    (odd numbers only) except for 10545-10649
    Ninth Line
    Noble Street
    Oak Ridge Drive
    Old Pinecrest Road
    Park Street East, Glen Williams
    Park Street West, Glen Williams
    Pine Court
    Prince Street, Glen Williams
    Princess Lane, Glen Williams
    9056-12226 Regional Road 25 (even numbers only)
    9213-12341 Regional Road 25 (odd numbers only)
    Ridgegate Crescent
    Saint Helena Road
    Shortill Road
    Silvercreek Drive
    Sixth Line
    Southwinds Drive
    10793-16917 Steeles Avenue (all inclusive)
    Stewarttown Road
    7818-9774 & 11742-14340 Tenth Line (even numbers only)
    7869-9681 & 11333-14337 Tenth Line (odd numbers only)
    Third Line
    Thomas Court
    Thompson Drive
    Timber Court
    7915-10857 & 13233-14399 Trafalgar Road (odd numbers only)
    7924-11672 & 13252-14400 Trafalgar Road (even numbers only)
    9285, 9315, & 9321 Tremaine Road only
    Tweedle Street
    Upper Canada Court
    Wildwood Road
    7870-14592 Winston Churchill Boulevard (even numbers only)
    9921-9995 Winston Churchill Boulevard (odd numbers only)
    Wolseley Street
    Worden View
    York Lane




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