The official website for the Town of Halton Hills Ontario Canada. Halton Hills includes Georgetown, Acton, Stewarttown, Glenwilliams, Norval, Hornby, Limehouse, and Terra Cotta. Get Municipal News, By-law Information, Sustainability Tips, Recreation Swimming/Skating Schedules and everything else you would need to know about living, visiting, doing business in Halton Hills Ontario.

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    Town of Halton Hills Ward 1

    Regional Councillor Ward 1:

    Clark A. Somerville Clark A. Somerville
    Regional Councillor
    Wards 1 & 2

    Tel: 905-703-6388
    Fax: 905-873-1431

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    Ward 1 Councillors:

    Jon Hurst Jon Hurst
    Ward 1 Councillor

    Tel: 519-853-2015

    Michael Albano

    Michael Albano
    Councillor Ward 1

    Tel: 519 853 3465

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    Ward 1 Street List:

    6071-8189 22 Side Road (odd numbers only)
    6038-9790 32 Side Road (even numbers only)
    25 Side Road
    Acton Boulevard
    Adams Court
    Agnes Street
    Alice Street
    Arthur Street, Acton
    Beardmore Crescent
    Berry Street
    Birchway Place
    Bonnette Street
    Bower Street
    Brock Street
    Browns Crescent
    Burbank Street
    Cameron Street
    Campbell Court
    Cedar Road
    Church Street East, Acton
    Church Street West, Acton
    Churchill Road North
    Churchill Road South
    Clare Court
    Cobblehill Road
    Coles Court
    Commerce Crescent
    Cook Street
    Crescent Street
    13931-14311 Crewsons Line (odd numbers only)
    Dairy Drive
    Danville Avenue
    Davidson Drive
    Dawkins Crescent
    Division Street
    Doctor Moore Court
    12431-14281 Dublin Line (odd numbers only)
    12420-14316 Dublin Line (even numbers only)
    Duby Road
    Eastern Avenue
    Elgin Street North, Acton
    Elgin Street South, Acton
    Elizabeth Drive, Acton
    Elliott Drive
    Elmore Drive
    Fairview Avenue
    Fellows Street
    12598-14356 Fourth Line (even numbers only)
    Frederick Street North
    Frederick Street South
    George Street, Acton
    Glen Lawson Road
    Gould Crescent
    Greenore Crescent
    Guelph Street, Acton
    6480-7280 & 9646 Highway 7 (even numbers only)
    9595-9969 Highway 7 (odd numbers only)
    Hill Street
    Hillcrest Street
    Holmesway Place
    Hurst Street
    Jeffrey Avenue
    John Goy Sr Trail
    John Street North, Acton
    John Street South, Acton
    Kenney Street
    Kingham Road
    Kingsley Road
    Knox Street

    Lake Avenue
    Lakeview Avenue
    Lasby Lane
    Longfield Road
    Main Street North, Acton
    Main Street South, Acton
    Maria Street
    Mason Boulevard
    Matthew Court
    Mcdonald Boulevard
    Meadvale Road
    Mill Street East, Acton
    Mill Street West, Acton
    Morgan Drive
    Mowbray Place
    12459-13335 Nassagaweya Esquesing Town Line (odd numbers only)
    Nelles Street
    Nelson Court
    Norman Avenue
    Orville Road
    Park Avenue, Acton
    Pearl Court
    Peel Street
    Perth Street
    Poplar Avenue
    Queen Street East, Acton
    Rachlin Drive
    Ransom Street
    12497-12923 & 14009-14389 Regional Road 25 (odd numbers only)
    12494-12992 & 14086-14302 Regional Road 25 (even numbers only)
    Rennie Street
    River Street
    Roseford Terrace
    Rosemary Road
    Saint Albans Drive
    Salmon Way
    Scene Street
    School Lane
    Secord Lane
    Somerville Road
    Sprowl Street
    Spruce Boulevard
    Storey Drive
    Tanners Drive
    12694-12712 & 13804-14406 Third Line (even numbers only)
    12723-12889 & 13797-14397 Third Line (odd numbers only)
    Tidey Avenue
    Trillium Terrace
    Trinity Court
    Turtle Lake Drive
    Tyler Avenue
    Victoria Avenue
    Vimy Street
    Wallace Street
    Wellington Street
    Westcott Road
    Wilbur Street North
    Wilbur Street South
    Willow Street North
    Willow Street South
    Wright Avenue
    Wynford Place
    York Street
    Young Street




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