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    Arenas Steering Committee



    Mayor Bonnette - Co-Chair
    Councillor Bryan Lewis - Co-Chair
    Councillor Jon Hurst
    Councillor C. Somerville
    Councillor M. O’Leary
    CAO, David Smith
    Ed DeSousa, Director of Corporate Affairs and Treasurer
    Terry Alyman, Director of Recreation and Parks
    Chris Mills, Director of Transportation and Public Works
    John Archibald, Facility Supervisor – Memorial Arena
    Stephen Hamilton, Manager of Facilities

    The Arena Steering Committee - comprised of staff and Council members in order to provide guidance and oversight to the Town's recently approved arena development and construction program to ensure that it is accomplished in a timely manner.

    Staff Contact:

    Cindy Bodrug
    Administrative Coordinator
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Cindy Bodrug
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2261

    Arena Steering Committee List of Arena Steering Committee Meetings



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