Halton Hills Cemeteries

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Town of Halton Hills currently operates and maintains Greenwood Cemetery located in Georgetown and Fairview Cemetery in Acton. The Town also preserves seven inactive heritage cemeteries, rich in historical significance that date back to 1830.  To learn more about Halton Hills Cemeteries and to discuss our services, please review the Halton Hills Cemetery Guide or contact the Cemetery Coordinator at cemeteries@haltonhills.ca


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Halton Hills Cemeteries Guide

  Halton Hills Cemeteries Guide

The Halton Hills Cemeteries Guide is available to the public and outlines cemetery products and services, standard regulations and roles and responsibilities. Illustrated with photographs and diagrams, the handbook is a valuable tool to anyone contemplating the purchase of a lot or niche, or currently maintaining the burial site of a loved one. Hard copies are available from Recreation and Parks.

Download the Halton Hills Cemeteries Guide (.pdf)   



Operations & Maintenance
Parks & Cemeteries Unit
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Policies & Development
Recreation & Parks
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Sales, Records & Administration
Recreation & Parks
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  Devereaux Cemetery

Devereaux Cemetery is a new option for the residents of Halton Hills. It opened in October 2013 on 17th Side Road, just west of Trafalgar Road.

The cemetery has lots for full-casket burial and for cremated remains. There is also a scattering garden for cremated remains. Above-ground estate crypts are also available.

Devereaux Cemetery is adjacent to Holy Redeemer Cemetery and is operated by The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton for the residents of Halton Hills.

For more information, please go to www.devereauxcemetery.ca or call cemetery manager John Perrotta at 905-877-8500 or 1-800-661-5985.


Fairview Cemetery

  Fairview Cemetery

20 Cobblehill Road, Acton, ON

Fairview Cemetery's services and features include:
• A range of interment choices providing for ground burial and cremation
• Lunaris, Solaris & Stellans Columbaria
• Moore Memorial (erected in 1901)
• Robert Little Monument

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Greenwood Cemetery

  Greenwood Cemetery

100 King Street, Georgetown, ON

Greenwood Cemetery's services and features include:
• A range of interment choices providing for ground burial and cremation
• Reflection Garden (cremation interment)
• Faith, Charity & Hope Columbaria
• Centennial Monument (erected in 1967)

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  • Pets are not permitted in the Cemeteries
  • The Speed Limit is 10 km/h
  • Vehicles are not allowed off the roadways
  • Vandalism or desecration is prohibited
  • All visitors must respect the integrity and dignity of the cemetery


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A lot is a specific area of land within a cemetery that has been designated for the interment of human remains. A plot is two or more lots in which the right to inter have been sold as a unit.

For more information, please email cemeteries@haltonhills.ca



  Columbaria Niches

A niche is a sealed compartment for the interment of cremated remains within a columbarium. Faith, Charity, Hope and the Garden Columbaria are available at Greenwood Cemetery and the Lunaris, Stellans, Solaris Columbaria are available at Fairview Cemetery.

For more information, please email cemeteries@haltonhills.ca


Flower Garden

 Reflection Garden

For those wishing for an alternative to columbaria for the disposition of cremated remains, ask staff about our new "Reflection Garden" option.

For more information, please email cemeteries@haltonhills.ca




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It can be difficult to know what to expect in terms of cost when choosing interment options. We recommend that you contact the Cemetery Coordinator for personal assistance by emailing cemeteries@haltonhills.ca or calling 905-873-2601 x2281.

Download the Cemetery Rates


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  Special Care Programs

Town of Halton Hills is pleased to offer a line of expanded services at Greenwood and Fairview Cemeteries choose from a Full service Flower Bed, Fresh Flower Delivery Service and Monument Cleaning.

For more information, download the Special Care Promotional Card (.pdf) or click on a link above to download the order forms.


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  Dedication Programs

Town of Halton Hills offers a number of community wide opportunities to commemorate life's most precious moments. Celebrate births, weddings and anniversaries, pay tribute to the life of a loved one, or recognize company service, all while enhancing the community.

For more information, please visit Dedication Programs





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