Utility Services

Utility Services


Cable Service

Provides cable TV and high speed internet service to the Golden Horseshoe area.

Cogeco Cable
950 Syscon Road
P.O. Box 5076, Stn Main
Burlington ON  L7R 4S6
Tel:  1-855-414-0005
Website:  www.cogeco.ca


Electrical Service

Local electricity is provided by Halton Hills Hydro a utility company that serves all of Halton Hills.
Halton Hills Hydro Inc.
43 Alice Street
Acton, Ontario
L7J 2A9
Tel : 519-853-3701
Web site: www.haltonhillshydro.com


Natural Gas Service

Natural gas service is provided by Union Gas primarily in Acton and Georgetown, but may be available selectively in other areas.
Tel: 1-888-774-3111
Web site: www.uniongas.com


Water Services / Hydro:

All of Halton Hills (with the exception of a small area near Highway 401) is on a water supply system from municipal and/or private wells. In rural areas and some hamlets it is normal to have individual wells and septic waste systems privately owned on your lot.  In the urban areas of Halton Hills, there is municipal water treatment with piped water systems and municipal sewage treatment systems.

Whether you must connect to municipally owned water and sewer services depends on the location of the property and the conditions of the original subdivision.

You can get information about the availability of sewer and water services from Halton Region. All permit permissions for new private well services and construction and maintenance of all publicly owned water and sewer facilities are the responsibility of the Region of Halton.  For further information, please visit the Halton Region’s website at
www.halton.ca/living_in_halton/water_wastewater/ or Call 311 or email accesshalton@halton.ca.