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    Community Sustainability Strategy

    Partner Action Inventory

    This Partner Action Inventory highlights the actions being taken by our community partners to support the implementation of our Community Sustainability Strategy.  In doing so, together, we are making a meaningful difference and are helping to raise quality of life in Halton Hills.


    Cultural Vibrancy Vision:Cultural Vibrancy

    A culturally vibrant community where culture is integrated with our economic, social and environmental lives and offers the opportunity for individual fulfillment through access to sports, recreation, arts, culture and heritage.

    Our Cultural Vibrancy Themes

    • Strong Sense of Community
    • Highly Engaged Citizens
    • Inclusive to Youth
    • Vital Arts and Culture Sectors
    • Inviting Parks and Trails
    • Diverse Recreation and Sports
    • Valued Heritage Legacy
    • Leading Edge Libraries


    Economic Prosperity VisionEconomic Prosperity

    A community where economic prosperity is based on a green, diversified and resilient economy, and the strengthening of the existing industrial base.

    Our Economic Prosperity Themes

    • Diversified and Resilient Economy
    • Vibrant Food and Agricultural Sector
    • Tourism
    • ¬†Balanced Tax Base
    • ¬†Knowledge-Based Industry & Research and Innovation
    • Active and Vibrant Creative Sector
    • Live-Work Opportunities
    • Green Economy
    • Infrastructure


    Environmental Health VisionEnvironmental Health

    A community where integrated, thriving natural systems are valued, actively protected, and enhanced for long-term health and enjoyment.

    Our Environmental Health Themes

    • Natural Heritage
    • Water
    • Air Quality and Greenhouse
    • Gas Emissions
    • Land Use
    • Biodiversity
    • Natural Resources
    • Consumption and Waste Management
    • Energy


    Social Wellbeing VisionSocial Wellbeing

    A healthy and safe community based on an ethic of caring and social equity.

    Our Social Wellbeing Themes

    • Housing
    • Transportation
    • Seniors
    • Social and Health Services
    • Poverty
    • Comfort, Safety, and Inclusion
    • Learning

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