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    Winter Maintenance

    Snow Plow Safety

    1. If a snow plow is stopped, keep back a minimum of 15 metres so the operator can see your vehicle.

    2. Give snow plows plenty of room and do not pass.

    3. Snow plows leave a pile of snow on your driveway when they pass. These are called windrows. To reduce the windrow in your driveway, clear snow towards the right side of the driveway (facing the street).

    4. Do not let children climb snow banks as they could slip off into the path of oncoming traffic.

    5. Do not let children from tunnels into snow banks as the snow may collapse or be pushed down by plow equipment during clearing operations.

    6. Please check that catch basins, culverts and fire hydrants are not blocked. This will ensure proper drainage when snow melts, and will provide fire fighters with a clear path to the hydrant in case of emergency.

    7. Do not place or push snow or ice onto roadways. This is against the Town's Highway Encumbrance By-law No. 90-68, and Fouling and Encumbering of Public Roads  By-law 2006-0054 , and will result in a fine.



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