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    Road Maintenance Programs


    If you enjoy volunteering, like to get involved in environmental sustainability, or you just want to contribute to your local community, then the Adopt-A-Road initiative may be a perfect activity for you and your friends, family, colleagues, or business.   

    The Adopt-A-Road initiative allows volunteers to participate in OR sponsor the cleanup of urban and rural roads.

    Once your application has been approved, we will publicly recognize your efforts and your participation by placing signs along your adopted section of the roadway. These signs will portray your individual/group name or business logo, and will be erected for all to see.

    Volunteer Litter Pick Up Agreement

    Volunteers will:

    • Be responsible for a section of a road identified in the agreement for 1 year.
    • Pick up litter on road sides at least twice per year in the identified section.
    • Be over 12 years of age.
    • Have 1 adult supervisor for every 5 volunteers.
    • Show their civic pride by personally contributing to a cleaner and more beautiful local road system.

    A Sponsorship Program

    With your sponsorship, you will not only be assisting the Town of Halton Hills with their roadside activities, you will also be increasing your public image as an organization concerned for the upkeep of roads within the community
    Your assistance will be demonstrated by having your logo or name placed directly on the road sign indicating your sponsorship.
    Sponsorship Options:

    • Financial support of liter picks up and urban grass cutting programs at an annual cost of $1,500 per kilometer.


    • Financial support to allow rural mowing and litter programs to continue at an annual cost of $300 per kilometer.

    There are a number of organizations currently involved in the program, notably Sheridan Nurseries and the Argyll Dental Office. You will see the signs indicating their commitments to their respective road sections throughout Halton Hills.

    For further information please contact the Town of Halton Hills Transportation and Public Works Department, 905-873-2601 Ext. 2604.



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