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    Road Watch

    Our Purpose

    The purpose of the Community Road Watch program is to promote road safety.

    What is the Process?

    • Obtain a copy of the citizen report form from local Police Station or download it.
    • Complete the form to report incidents of dangerous driving.
    • Submit completed form to Police station for appropriate follow-up.

    How We Are Organized?

    Halton Community Road Watch is a partnership of the Community Consultation Committees, Halton Regional Police Service, Municipalities of Halton Hills, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Region of Halton and the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. We meet as necessary as individual groups or as joint groups with the stated common purpose in focus.


    To have a significant impact on road safety within the Municipal Region of Halton during the year 2002 and into the future.


    A 30 minute video outlining the Road Watch program is available to interested parties Contact your local Police station to borrow a copy. As well, requests for a speaker can be made, who will explain the program. Consult with your local Police station for further details.

    Forms / Availability: Download the Roadwatch Submission Form (PDF)


    Georgetown Division District #11, Police Station: 905-878-5511



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