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    Signals and Signage

    Traffic Control Signals

    Traffic control signals are used to convey control messages to the road users, in order to:

    • Advise motorists of traffic regulations;
    • Provide information for motorists to safely navigate through an intersection;
    • Increase the public safety through the simplification of conflicting vehicle movements and driving tasks;
    • Improve traffic flow.

    The planning, design, operation and maintenance of traffic control signals is the responsibility of Traffic Division.

    If you have questions regarding the purpose or use of traffic control signals, please call 905-873-2601 Ext. 2215.


    Traffic Signs

    Traffic signs are used as traffic control devices in order to:

    • Provide positive guidance to motorists to avoid hazards;
    • Provide uniformity of control messages related to shapes, colours and installation methods;
    • Assign a right-of-way;
    • Advise motorists of traffic regulations and provide them information necessary for route selections.


    Maintenance and Repair

    If a traffic control signal or traffic sign is damaged and/or missing, please call Public Works to request maintenance: 905-873-2601. Ext. 2603


    Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)

    Pushing the button of an Accessible Pedestrian Signal will activate audible routes for crossing the intersection.

    Visually impaired persons are required to press the APS push button for three (3) seconds until the confirmation click is heard. For North/South directions the audible sound is a “cuckoo” sound and “Canadian Melody” or “bird chirp” is for crossing East/West directions.

    Example located at the intersection at Main Street and Mill Street in Acton.




    Walking Pedestrian Signal

    The walking pedestrian signal permits pedestrians to enter the crosswalk.

    Flashing Don’t Walk
    The flashing “Don’t Walk” signal indicates to pedestrians in the crosswalk to finish crossing and indicates to pedestrians on the sidewalk to not enter the crosswalk.

    Steady Hand Don’t Walk
    The steady hand indicates to pedestrians to not to enter the crosswalk.

    Example located at the intersection at Main Street South and 15 Side Road.


    Stoplight Reflectors

    The back board plates of the stoplights have reflectors which allow drivers to see that there are stoplights in an intersection in the event of a poweroutage.

    Exaple located at the intersection at Guelph Street and Mill Street.

    In similar respect that directly affects road safety, if you notice that any traffic signs are damaged or missing, please contact the Public Works section at 905-873-2601 Ext. 2603 to reach the Public Works clerk. After hours, please call 905-873-2601 and press "4" to leave an automated request for service. The sooner we know about the problems the faster corrective action can be undertaken and accident potential minimized.

    The Town of Halton Hills has entered into an agreement with South Western Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Halton Hills Hydro, for the maintenance of streetlights for the next five years.

    To ensure maximum benefit and efficiency for the roadway illumination system, if you notice any streetlight in the Town is out or turning on and off intermittently (cycling) please contact the new voice mailbox at 519-853-3700 Ext. 226. Repairs are only made after the deficient streetlight is brought to the Town's attention. Separate streetlight inspections are not completed by staff.




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