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    Speeding Concerns

    The Town of Halton Hills utilizes the Northwestern University Speed Limit Determination Method to establish posted speed limits on roadways under the jurisdiction of the Town of Halton Hills.

    To identify roads under the jurisdiction of the Town within the municipal boundary, please review the Official Plan’s Schedule B1, Major Transportation Facilities.

    Both the Town and Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) provide residents with options to address their speeding concerns within their neighbourhoods:

    • Radar Message Boards (RMB), both the Town and HRPS deploy electronic message signs that display operating speeds of approaching vehicles. The RMBs alert motorists about their operating speeds and help to slow down vehicular traffic.
    • The HRPS implements Community Road Watch Program to promote road safety. Citizens can report aggressive driving to HRPS by completing the Road Watch Form. The program is very effective in addressing speeding concerns on roadways with a minimum cut-through traffic.
    • To determine operating speeds on a roadway, the Town undertakes Spot Speed Radar Studies (SSRS) or utilizes Automatic Traffic Recorders.
    • To reduce negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behaviour and improve conditions for non-motorized street users on Local and Collector residential roads, the Town established the Traffic Calming Protocol in 2007.
    • Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Signs (VATCS) are electronic signs displaying the maximum speed limit, flashing amber beacons and the “Slow Down” message. The VATCS flash when motorists exceed the maximum posted speed limit. Currently, the Town operates five VATCS located on Mountainview Road South, Main Street North (Hwy 7) and River Drive. Halton Region operates four VATCS on Trafalgar Road (Regional Road 3).

    If you have concerns regarding speeding, aggressive driving or the posted speed limit please review available options and contact the Traffic Coordinator at 905-873-2601 Ext. 2215 or complete this form.




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