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    2016 Halton Hills Community Cycling Challenge –Ride Us HOME!

    Welcome to the 2016 Halton Hills Community Cycling Challenge.

    Family Riding bikesThis is our fourth annual Halton Hills Bike Challenge. It is a unique event unlike all others.  Here is how it works.

    We set an ambitious community cycling goal that will raise funds for our local hospital. However, we do not ask our participants to do any fundraising. It is absolutely free with the only requirement that you ride your bike and log your kilometres on our website. It is as easy as that.

    In 2015 the goal was to ride the distance from the Earth to the Moon or 384,000 kms. The challenge was met by our 1048 participants on October 3rd as they pushed to make sure we succeeded before the snow was flying.

    Since we have successfully taken 1048 participants from the Earth to the Moon it seems only right that we bring them back to Earth. The 2016 challenge is to ride 400,000 kms, the distance from the Moon to the Earth plus a victory lap around Canada for good measure.   

    In advance of the Challenge launching, we lined up generous community sponsors who have pledged donations to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation that only go to the Foundation when the community reaches its cycling goals.

    Your participation will help us achieve 2 very important goals. The first is for our residents to exhibit a significantly more active lifestyle.

    The second is to achieve our community goal of 400,000 KM which will enable us to raise $85,000 for the Georgetown Hospital Foundation!


    Bike Challenge Community Sponsors

    Goal Number 1 – 200,000kms

    When the community reaches 200,000kms, $25,000 in pledges will flow to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation by the following businesses.

    • Georgetown Canadian Tire - $20,000
    • Young Dentistry - $1000
    • Generations Physiotherapy - $1000
    • CPI $1,000
    • Dynamic Bodies $500
    • Betty D’Oliveira, Royal LePage  -$500
    • HealthSpan Wellness - $500
    • Sweet Sophia Bows - $500

    Our Ultimate Goal – 400,000 Kms. The distance from the Moon to the Earth plus a victory lap around Canada.

    When the community reaches 400,000 kms, an additional $60,000 in pledges will flow to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation.

    • The Peter Gilgan Foundation - $25,000
    • CN Rail -$25,000
    • PwC Epic Tour Halton -$5000
    • Superior Glove - $2500
    • Menkes - $2,500

    These partners join us in the belief that an active community is a healthier, happier community. We thank them for their support.


    Total Raised for the Georgetown Hospital Foundation $85,000!!!!

    To be successful in reaching our very ambitious goal we need to attract every kind of cyclist from 5 year old beginners to gung-ho cycling club enthusiasts. Every kilometre counts so it doesn’t matter if that kilometre is logged as part of a 5 km ride or a 50 km ride. We need you, your family, your cousin and your co-workers to sign up. Child riding a bike

    Please explore our new website  where you can sign up or just follow our ‘real time’ progress.
    In the meantime, please ride safely, wear a helmet at all times and remember to SHARE THE ROAD!

    Before riding in the Challenge, we encourage you and your family to review the Ministry of Transportation guides to safe cycling at the address below.

    Happy riding,


    What Do You Need to Do?

    At the heart of it, you need to ride your bike and log your kilometres. Registration is simple.

    Log onto the website to register and regularly add your kilometres to the ever growing total. You can register as an individual or as a family.  It is fun to watch our achievement grow in real time as you and others add to the total.

    You can also set your own goal and watch your personal progress.

    The next most important thing to do is to encourage your friends, neighbours and colleagues to also participate. One easy way to do this is to LIKE us on Facebook. Anyone can sign up. Entering kilometres is on the honour system. If you live in Halton Hills, work in Halton Hills or love Halton Hills you can join the Halton Hills Bike Challenge.

    For further information or to follow our progress please refer to the website

    You will find several community cycling events on the Town's website to help you get active and enjoy the great opportunities available in Halton Hills throughout the cycling season.

    For inquiries about the Community Cycling Challenge or to help in any other way to promote this or other cycling initiatives please email below or call Councillor Jane Fogal 905 877 5806.

    For more informaiton on our cycling events please email us



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