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    Cycling Programs

    Town of Halton Hills Cycling Program 2017

    Bike it to Work Day Cake Cutting 2013

    Halton Hills Cycling Master Plan

    In December 2010 Halton Hills approved its first Cycling Master Plan. This is a comprehensive plan that not only provides the basis for cycling infrastructure improvements on our roads, but also includes advocacy, policy development and education goals.  Creating a cycling advisory committee was a direct result of Council’s adoption of this plan. The Cycling Master Plan can be found at

    Infrastructure Improvements

    Since adoption of the Cycling Master Plan the following cycling infrastructure improvements have been made:

    • Bike lane on Delrex Blvd
    • Bike Lane on Danby Road
    • Multi Use Path on Wallace Street
    • Bike Lane on 17th Sideroad
    • Edge Line on Trafalgar Road
    • Bike Lane on Queen Street Acton
    • Bike lockers at the Civic Centre
    • Covered bike racks at the GO station
    • Bike lanes added to Miller Drive
    • Bike lanes added to 17th Side Road from 6th line to 4th line
    • Micro paving on sections of 5th Side Road with widening where possible
    • Surface treatment of 27th Side Road between 8th and 9th line
    • Bike lanes on Danby extended to Main Street
    • Bike lanes on Churchill Road, Acton
    • Multi Use Path extended on 10th Side Road
    • Wayfinding Signage for Halton Hills portion of the Greenbelt Cycling Route
    • Multi Use Path underpass opened at Danby Road
    • Many trail upgrades from woodchips or screenings to board walks making them available year round
    • Installation of an outdoor bicycle repair station at the Georgetown Branch Library

    Infrastructure Improvements in 2017

    • Multi-Use Paths on Armstrong Avenue from Mountainview to Sinclair Ave.  and Sinclair Ave. to Guelph Street
    • Bike lanes added to Berton Blvd and Atwood Ave.
    • Wayfinding signage for cyclists and pedestrians in Acton and Georgetown


    Halton Hills Bicycle Friendly Community Committee

    The Halton Hills Bicycle Friendly Community Committee is a group of volunteers who have a passion for promoting cycling and cycling safety. The group works in partnership with the Town of Halton Hills with the goal of achieving Silver designation in the Bicycle Friendly Community Program which is administered by the Share the Road Coalition. Halton Hills received its Bronze designation in 2014. 

    The committee organizes a series of cycling initiatives each year that are designed to encourage more cycling by our residents.

    Family Riding bikesThis is the fifth annual Halton Hills Bike Challenge. It is a unique event unlike all others. Each year it gets more challenging.  Here is how it works.
    An ambitious community cycling goal is set that will challenge the community to ride further than ever before. At the same time sponsors are lined up who commit to making significant donations to the Georgetown Hospital when the community reaches its goal. Our cyclists do not do any fundraising. It is absolutely free with the only requirement that you ride your bike and log your kilometres on our website. It is as easy as that.
    In 2016 the goal was to ride the distance from the Moon to the Earth with a victory lap around Canada or 400,000 kms. The challenge was met by our 1871 participants on September 30th as they pushed to make sure we succeeded before the snow was flying.

    The 2017 Bike Challenge is to ride the equivalent of all the paved roads in Canada which is 416,000 kms! What better way to celebrate Canada 150 than to visit the entire country? No other community will take on a challenge like this. However, having already logged the distance from the Earth to the Moon and from the Moon to the Earth, there is no doubt that it can be done.

    In advance of the Challenge launching, generous community sponsors pledged donations to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation that only go to the Foundation when the community reaches its cycling goals.

    Your participation will help us achieve 2 very important goals. The first is for our residents to exhibit a significantly more active lifestyle.

    The second is to achieve our community goal of 416,000 KM which will enable us to raise $42,500 for the Georgetown Hospital Foundation!


    Visit to see our real time progress as we virtually ride across Canada.


    Cycling Events in Halton Hills


    Bike to Canada Day in the Glen

    All local employees are encouraged to ride their bikes to work on Monday May 29th. Please let us know if you are participating by email below. We would like to know how many people are cycling to work on May 29th.


    Noon Hour Group Ride and Picnic

    The Halton Hills Bicycle Friendly Community Committee, Smart Commute Halton and the Office of Sustainability are hosting its fifth annual Noon Hour Bike Ride event in recognition of the globally celebrated Bike to Work Day. Join Town staff, residents, local commuters and cycle enthusiasts on Monday May 29 for a leisurely noon hour bike ride. Cyclists of all levels of experience will ride together through scenic trails and quiet downtown side-streets in Georgetown. Bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy it when we stop for a lunch break part way through the ride at the Georgetown Fairgrounds.

    The Noon Hour Bike Ride event will begin at 11:45 am at the main entrance of our Town Hall located at 1 Halton Hills Drive in Georgetown. We will depart together at 12:00 pm. If you are planning on joining the ride please notify the organizers in advance by emailing


    Bike to Canada Day in the Glen

    Our sixth annual Bike It to The Market will be held on Saturday June 17th, 2017 from 8 am until 12pm. Once again participants will be treated to a free pancake breakfast hosted by the Georgetown Rotary Club. (Donations towards Rotary projects are always welcome)

    This is a free event with riders of all ages, from all parts of the town, making their way to the Georgetown Farmers Market by whatever route they choose. To ensure safety and enjoyment for all ages, Main Street from the Farmer’s Market to Maple Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic.

    Free valet bike parking, will be available in the Main Street Parking Lot. The breakfast is free to all who arrive by bicycle but can be purchased by non-cyclists.

    Participants can leave their bikes parked while they enjoy the Georgetown Farmer’s Market and fun activities for children.

    Many volunteers are required for this event including bike parking attendants, ticket takers, greeters, and road closure attendants. If you would like to volunteer or would like more information please email below or call Councillor Jane Fogal 905 877 5806. Volunteer shifts are typically 2 hours in duration. We have many jobs suitable for students.

    For more information on our cycling events please email us


    Bike to Canada Day in the Glen

    There is no doubt that Glen Williams is the place to be on Canada Day. This picturesque little village fills to over-capacity with thousands pouring in from all over Halton Hills. This year the Halton Hills Bicycle Friendly Community Committee is offering free valet bicycle parking at Glen Williams Public School located at 512 Main St. Glen Williams, in the heart of the village. Ride your bike from anywhere to The Glen and pedal straight up to the school where our friendly volunteers will park your bike and look after it for while you enjoy the festivities. We will have room for your chariots and bicycles built for two. Although you may wish to lock your bike, it is not necessary. Our bike valet parking works just like a coat check.

    So why struggle with parking your vehicle when you can enjoy a lovely ride on your bike with your family or friends?

    As for routes, that is totally up to you but we would remind you that there is a multi-use path along the entirety of Wildwood Road. Also the Mill Street/John Street CN underpass is closed to cars but is open to bikes and will take you to the Rail Trail that terminates at John Street. The rail trail connects to Gamble Street that leads to Mountainview Road/Confederation Street. Confederation Street is closed to vehicular traffic for the noon hour parade but is open to cyclists. The Rail Trail also connects to the Wildwood multi-use path.

    The Halton Hills Bicycle Friendly Community Committee is hosting free bicycle valet parking on Canada Day in Glen Williams for the very first time! Volunteers are needed for a few hours in the afternoon especially after the duck race. Valet bicycle parking is set-up from 8 am to 4 pm. If you can help out please contact Councillor Jane Fogal at 905-877- 5806

    For more informaiton on our cycling events please email us.


    Bike to Canada Day in the Glen

    This is our fifth year our Bicycle Friendly Community Committee is offering group cycling experiences at Bike it to Leathertown Festival and each year we give it a new twist.

    We are staging our two group rides from the Acton GO Station at the Leathertown Festival.

    We invite you to make your way to the Acton Go Station parking lot by bike or bring your bike by car where you will find our free valet bike parking.  The two bike rides are planned to finish approximately when the Festival is fully underway. After your ride, leave your bike in our parking area and enjoy the food, the bands, the vintage cars and vendors. For more information on the festival please check out

    Leathertown Highlights Spin – 1 ½  hours

    This is an entry level ride suitable for families and could be of interest to anyone regardless of cycling skill. The route takes us on bike lanes and residential quiet streets within Acton. 

    We have created a ride that will show people the wonderful amenities and heritage neighbourhoods of Acton as well as loop along a town trail through a mature forest.  There will be brief stops at several of the interesting buildings in order to provide you with a bit of historical  information.

    Whether you are an Acton resident or someone with a curiosity about Acton’s heritage and highlights you will find this an interesting group tour.
    There is no charge for but we request that you pre-register your intent to join us via email. It is important that we know in advance how many people will join us so that we can have leaders arranged for our groups. 

    Rural Vistas – 50km route -2 ½ hours approx.

    This tour is an intermediate level bike ride through the rolling hills of rural Halton Hills and Milton. (Yes, technically Milton really does come this far north). The terrain is easy but the 50 kilometre distance will provide a challenge.
    You will ride west out of Acton and will quickly be into the wonderful rural countryside.  We will be riding the rural roads of what was formerly known as the Townships of Esquesing and Nassagawaya that feature lovely farmlands and cool forests.
    Please register your intention to join us by email us. Please indicate if you are an intermediate or advanced cyclist.


    9:00 registration begins – signing waivers, getting instructions
    9:30  Rural Vistas 50 km group (those needing 2 ½ hours leave first)
    10:00 Rural Vistas 50 km group (those needing 2 hours) depart
    10:30 Leathertown Highlights Spin registration begins
    11:00 LHS tour depart
    12:00 Valet Bike Parking opens
    12:00 Cyclists begin returning from their tours, Participants can park their bikes and enjoy the Festival
    2:00 Valet Bike Parking closes
    The Leathertown Festival continues with great entertainment until 5pm. If you anticipate staying past 2pm please bring your own lock.

    For more information on our cycling events please email us


    Other Cycling Initiatives

    Risk Watch is a multi-agency project spearheaded by the Halton Hills Fire Department. It is a comprehensive safety program that is attended by all grade 4 students in Halton Hills, including French language students for the first time in 2012.

    Risk Watch is a safety blitz involving a wide array of safety instruction including bike safety. Helmet fitting is a key component. Students are encouraged to bring their helmets and those that are out of date or damaged are replaced free of charge courtesy of Canadian Tire Georgetown. Bike maintenance is part of the program and is taught by Halton Regional Police.

    The Town began the roll out of the cycling and pedestrian directional signage program began in 2016 and will continue in 2017. It will help people find the shortest and safest routes to popular destinations.

    In 2016 the Town offered its first Bicycle Rodeo as a pilot project in cooperation with Halton Regional Police and the staff at Joseph Gibbons School in Georgetown. This was a great success with the students learning basic cycling and safety skills.

    Bicycle Rodeos will be offered in 2017. More information about how to apply will be posted in the spring.

    The Greenbelt Route is a 475 kilometre on-road signed cycling route that travels from Niagara Falls in the south west to Northumberland in the east. This amazing route travels through Halton Hills and follows rural roads through the scenic villages of Limehouse, Glen Williams and Terra Cotta.

    For more information on the main route or the loop routes please check out

    Please click on the link for cycling maps of Halton Region.

    Hayden’s Re-Bicycling

    If you find yourself and someone you know in need of a bike but can’t afford it, check out Hayden’s Re-Bicycling at Likewise if you have an extra bike, please consider donating it to this great community project. Donated bikes are repaired by volunteers and then are given away for free to those in need. Bikes are of all sizes and shapes. Donations of bikes, parts or funds are gratefully accepted.






    Halton Active Communities Summit

    The first Halton Active Communities Summit was jointly hosted by Halton local municipalities and the Share the Road Coalition on October 18th 2012. At this well attended summit the Halton Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Bob Nosal laid out a very clear case for increasing walking and cycling activity in our communities.

    Advocates for Active and Safe Routes to School made a compelling case for getting students more active by walking or cycling to school. The model adopted by the City of Ottawa was highlighted where dedicated staff work to ensure that the program is fully supported. A presentation from the Waterfront Trail indicated that Halton Hills has an opportunity to be part of a proposal to create a new northern side trail.


    Cyling Safety

    Bicycle Safety

    • A bicycle is a vehicle under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act .
    • Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic laws as other road users.
    • Cyclists can and will be charged for disobeying traffic laws.
    • See  Cycling Related Fines for a list of laws and fines provided by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.


    Please note the following Provincial Laws:

    • Any cyclist under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet.
    • A bicycle must have a bell or horn in good working order.
    • A bicycle must have at least one break system on the rear wheel.


    Tips for Cyclists:

    • Obey all traffic rules, signs and signals.
    • Use the bike lane the same way a driver uses a lane of traffic.
    • Use caution and be aware of other road users at all times.
    • Use hand signals when turning, changing lanes and stopping.
    • Stay on the right of the lane; pass on the left side of the lane.
    • Safely scan the road behind you.
    • See  Guide to Safe Cycling provided by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for more information.


    Tips for Drivers:

    • Treat cyclists like any other vehicle.
    • Leave room when passing.
    • Use caution, signal, and check for cyclists when crossing a bike lane or turning.
    • Scan the road prior to opening doors.

    For more information please see:
    Creating walkable, bikeable and transit-supportive communities in Halton
    Questions regarding the purpose, efficiency, and use of Bike Lanes should be directed to the Traffic Coordinator: 905-873-2601 Ext. 2215.

    Questions regarding maintenance and repair of Bike Lanes should be directed to Public works: 905-873-2601 Ext. 2603.
    Questions regarding Bike lane Laws and Parking should be directed to Corporate Services: 905-873-2601 Ext. 2903.



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