The official website for the Town of Halton Hills Ontario Canada. Halton Hills includes Georgetown, Acton, Stewarttown, Glenwilliams, Norval, Hornby, Limehouse, and Terra Cotta. Get Municipal News, By-law Information, Sustainability Tips, Recreation Swimming/Skating Schedules and everything else you would need to know about living, visiting, doing business in Halton Hills Ontario.

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    Cooling Centres

    Cooling Centres

    Grass with wather Vapors

    Residents can find relief in Town facilities, such as recreation centres or either branch of the Halton Hills Public Libraries. During periods of a declared heat alert, these facilities will be open during their standard business hours as places of refuge for persons to seek relief from the heat. Please call the facility for their operating hours.

    Acton Cooling Centres
    Aquatic Facilities & Splash Pads
    Georgetown Cooling Centres


    Acton Cooling Centres

    Greenwood Cemetery

      Acton Arena & Community Centre

    415 Queen Street, Acton, 519-853-0020

    Acton Arena and Community Centre Map

    Fairview Cemetery

      Halton Hills Public Library (Acton Branch)

    17 River Street, Acton, 519-853-0301

    Acton Library Map

    Georgetown Cooling Centres

    Halton Hills Cemeteries Guide

      Halton Hills Civic Centre

    1 Halton Hills Drive, Georgetown, 905-873-2601

    Halton Hills Civic Centre Map

    Fairview Cemetery

      Mold-Masters SportsPlex

    221 Guelph Street, Georgetown, 905-877-8488

    Mold-Masters SportsPlex Map

    Fairview Cemetery

      Gellert Community Centre

    10241 Eighth Line, Georgetown, 905-877-4244

    Gellert Community Centre Map

    Fairview Cemetery

      Halton Hills Public Library (Georgetown Branch)

    9 Church Street, Georgetown, 905-873-2681

    Georgetown Public Library Map

    Aquatic Facilities & Splash Pads

    Fairview Cemetery

      Aquatic Facilities

    Acton Indoor Pool - (519) 853-3140 - Acton Indoor Pool Map
    Gellert Community Centre - (905) 877-4244 - Gellert Community Centre Map

    *Admission fees apply.
    Swimming Schedule


    Fairview Cemetery

      Splash Pads

    Open daily 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Gellert Park - (10241 Eighth Line) - Gellert Community Park Map
    Dominion Gardens - (135 Maple Avenue) - Dominion Gardens Park Map

    Superior Glove - (Prospect Park 30 Park Avenue) - Prospect Park Map




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