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    Two-Unit Houses

    What is a Two-Unit House?

    • A house containing two residential units.
    • A residential unit consists of a self-contained set of rooms that:
      • are located in a building or structure
      • are used, or can be used, as a separate unit, and
      • have a means of exit from the building (which may be shared with another residential unit).

    A common example is a basement apartment.

    Registration of Two-Unit Houses

    Provincial legislation, the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, gives municipalities the authority to pass and enforce by-laws. In order to regulate the registration of two-unit houses the Town of Halton Hills passed the By-law 2016-0005. Registration of a two-unit house legalizes its existence and ensures that a two-unit building complies with all applicable codes and standards. Building Services Section of the Transportation and Public Works Department is responsible for the registration process.

    For more information on the registration process please see   

    Inquiries should be directed to 905-873-2601 Ext. 2924.

    Prior to submitting an application to register a Two-Unit House with the Town of Halton Hills the property owner needs to confirm that the Town of Halton Hills Zoning By-law permits Two-Unit Houses as a land use for their property.

    For more information on zoning, contact the Zoning Officer at 905-873-2601 Ext. 2320.



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